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Baby Hazel Ducks

A little girl named Heisel, at school, was asked to solve ten math problems. To make it more fun, ducks will be used instead of numbers. The tasks will be on the topic of multiplication. The equation will be shown at the top of the screen, and yellow animals will fly below. You will need to catch them just as much as the answer. Then click on the checkmark, under the account of the correct answers

Elsa Nursing Baby Twins

Everyone’s beloved Elsa became a mom squared. She had beautiful twins. But here you can barely cope with one, but here two at once. Because she needs your help. Perform water procedures first, change diapers, and apply a special cream to the body. Next is the feeding. Feed the babies, because they are hungry and will cry. Last most interesting and sweet, pick out your outfit for a walk. Congratulations, you did all the tasks well and the Princess is very grateful. For the game you will need a computer mouse and a good mood. Have a nice rest!

Amusement Children Park

You got into an amusement park of unreal beauty. But he is no good. It falls apart, children should not ride on such a swing. And what to do? We will repair. Everything is gradual, you will be shown the problem and provided with a tool for fixing it. Go to all the points, do everything perfectly because it is for children. I am sure that you are a jack of all trades, and you will perfectly cope with the task. Have a good mood and a lot of strength. Have a nice rest!

Cute Little Baby Bathing

Imagine that a new resident has appeared in your family. A cute, curly-haired baby may very well be your brother. Just don’t think that he will grow up in a couple of moments and will play fun games with you. First, the baby needs care and around-the-clock care. Try to take custody of the baby in your own hands and begin to perform water procedures….

Dora Diaper Change

When Dora first stayed with her little sister, she was somehow uneasy, but after a few hours she felt responsible and easy to look after her sister. You should help her a little today and change the baby’s diaper. This is not so simple, because after removing the old one, wipe the inguinal region dry, then put on only a new diaper. Proceed to the game!…

Cure Baby Hazels Mouth

The poor girl. Baby Hazel probably has a high fever. After all, she has a sore throat. How can you help a girl. Give her first aid, because you dream of becoming a doctor and you need to practice. Your office has the necessary tools to help the girl get healthy, because you use them to clean the Hazel’s neck….