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Winx: How well do you know Bloom?

Playing the game Winx: Do you know Bloom well you have to be very sure that you know everything about a student from the School of Magic. What power does bloom have? Who is the best friend of this famous girl, as well as which pixie belongs to the red-haired fairy – you have to give an answer to many difficult questions. Turn on your memory, remember the series of events, one way or another connected with the heroines and pass the test on the fairies of the Winx club. But, if you do not pass the…

Winx Stella wedding shopping

Every girl dreams of a wedding, but our heroine has already had this long-awaited event. You must penetrate this atmosphere and help it. Certain gizmos will be located on the shelves of the store, pay attention to the fact that you can also go to other rooms of the store, which you may not immediately see. Good luck, dear girls!…

Winx Club Attack Pets

I am sure that you are all familiar with the famous Winx fairies. They are brave fighters against evil. But they are cute girls who love pets very much. And their animals are complicated, volatile and funny. But it’s not easy to get one of them. You need to go hunting and shoot the net to catch, and then tame with love and affection. Choose one of the fairies for the game and go hunting. Catch animals and get points….

Tasks for Winx

Fairy Stela does not want to meet a guy who is empty in her head, her chosen one should at least be able to solve the simplest mathematical problems and know the multiplication table. Help the guy not to be disgraced in front of the girl, choose the correct answer by clicking on the hearts with the mouse….

Stella Princess Fashion

The fairy has the first ball. Help her pack up on him. Maybe she will meet her love there, like Cinderella. Put on a ball gown, shoes, gloves. Do not forget about earrings and chain. But the most important thing is the wings! What are they beautiful, brilliant. All the little fairy is collected and can go for fun, at which it will be more beautiful than everyone, because you collected it….

Bloom Spring Dressup

Are you interested in what is fashionable to wear this spring? If you do not have time, then it’s okay, because in this game you can see what colors and what clothes are now in fashion. Bloom is a famous fairy who loves to change clothes three times a day. But today her fantasy has come to an end, and she is in a quandary. Help her with the choice of outfit….