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Halloween Story

In one small town, the entire population celebrates Halloween. During the celebration, they staged a masquerade ball, and of course hold many different competitions. We will participate in the game Halloween Story in one of them. Before us on the screen on the playing field will be located various objects. You need to look for the same and put them in a line of three items at least. To do this, simply move one of the items you have selected one cell in any direction. Then this row will disappear and you will be given points

Halloween Words

Autumn is in full swing, and winter is just around the corner, and the craziest holiday is coming – Halloween. Let us recall him and all the words that are associated with the feast of all saints. Finding words will be the number one challenge in Halloween Words. Make them up from letters painted on pumpkins that fall and fill the space. Do not overflow the field, and for this you need to quickly find the words. The selected letters will appear at the bottom of the panel, if the word is ready, click the send button. To pass the level you need to make a certain number of words. There are ten levels in all.

Halloween Town

In pursuit of golden pumpkins, you find yourself in a terrible town where you can easily meet zombies with burning eyes on the street, and a witch on a broomstick will land on the next roof. Be careful, do not annoy the terrible inhabitants, collect objects, solve puzzles to find a pumpkin and quickly get out of a dangerous place. Act with the mouse.

Halloween Ride

On the night when the most evil and dangerous creatures crawl onto the streets of cities, our hero loves to chase the streets in his cool car! In the place with her, you will arrange such fun races in which not only you will take part, also do not take your eyes off the road, there will be a lot of different traps that the locals have left for people like you! Collect different bags with prizes and get to the finish line intact!

Monster Pizza Halloween Pizza

Today at the Monster School the last bell and Claudia invited the girls to her light. She decided to treat them with her signature pizza, the recipe for which she got from her mother. Her recipe will give you great ideas! Just a few quick steps, and she will be ready, this delicious pizza for monsters to impress everyone around! Enjoy this game and have a nice day with the girls from the Monster School.

Halloween Spot Difference

Wicked witch wants to harm the inhabitants of a small town. Having stolen Halloween holiday cards from the store, she cursed them. Now you will have to remove it in the game Halloween Spot Difference. To do this, you will need to carefully inspect almost completely identical pictures. They should be visible minor differences. You will need to find them all and select them with the click of a mouse. Then they stand out with a line and they will give you points for it.