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Sprite Fighter

Doubles of famous characters appeared in the game world: Ultraman, Mario, Luigi and even Bowser. They were called ghosts and declared war. It is necessary to expose and destroy copies so that they do not wreak havoc. Moreover, the twin may turn out to be similar in appearance, but completely opposite in character and intentions. In the game Sprite Fighter, you can deal with impostors, causing them to fights. Choose a hero and battle mode: easy, medium or difficult. In order to gain experience and master the control keys, go through the practical training mode, where you can infinitely hammer the enemy, using all the existing methods.

Belly Smash Road To Yokozuma

On the round arena of the game Belly Smash Road To Yokozuma go two of the same round fat. These are sumo wrestlers and size matters here. Initially, both competitors have approximately the same weight and size, and then it all depends on your chosen strategy. You can win with smaller dimensions. You can quickly increase the mass by collecting sushi, rolls, sashimi and other edible elements falling on the field. They are them your player about to increase sharply in size, but will become less mobile. Do you need it, maybe you should not get involved in food, you decide.


In the game Sumo.io you have every chance to become the best sumo wrestler and first you need to understand how to do it. You will appear in a round ring against an opponent who can be any of the online players. You need to choose your strategy and at the initial stage do not skip the food that appears on the field. This will allow you to gain mass, but for the sumoist it is important. In this case, you will move slower, but have more power to push the opponent off the edge of the court. Think about how your athlete will behave, future victory depends on it.

Dragon Ball Z : Supersonic Warriors

Today you will go to a hand-to-hand contest in which characters from the Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors universe will participate. At the beginning of the game you will need to choose your character. Each of them has certain fighting skills and super tricks. After that, you will need to enter the arena for a duel and fight with the enemy. You will need to inflict a series of attacks on the enemy and carry out various techniques. The main thing is to knock down the enemy and knock him out. This will bring you victory in the round and you can fight the next opponent.

Boxing Punching Fun

You will have fun in the boxing ring in the game Boxing Punching Fun. And this is not a reservation, just fun, because it will not be a battle in order to fill the opponent’s face and knock out. You do not even touch the body of the enemy, and the key to victory will not be strength, but mind, dexterity and quick reaction. Players will stand opposite each other in the ring, and various objects will appear between them. If this is a log, you need to hit the opponent faster and earn points. But if there is a cute creature on the chair: a rabbit, a mouse, a bear, and so on, in no case do not hit it, otherwise the game will end immediately, you cannot offend the animals !.

Hit Me Comrade One More Time!

When temperamental men get together, and even drink at the same time strong drinks, wait as a result of a brawl. This happened in our game Hit Me Comrade One More Time! After a couple of glasses, a couple of gentlemen seemed flushed and started to argue, word for word and fists went into play, as well as improvised objects lying on the table: cutlery and food. We suggest you not to miss a fun fight and for this you will need a partner, control the keys and try to give your opponent an physiognomy, periodically restoring the strength of a drunk glass of vodka.