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Tinker Baby Emergency

Little boy Tom playing with his peers in the park fell into a ravine and received many injuries. You in the game Tinker Baby Emergency will be a doctor, who was called by ambulance his parents. You will have to give him first aid and try to cure him. First of all, inspect to understand what you will need to treat. Then cleanse the child’s skin from debris and pull the wooden splinter out from under the skin. Now, using medicines and various medical instruments, carry out the treatment according to the prompt and make sure that the child is healthy again.

Super Doll Skin Doctor

In Super Doll Skin Doctor, you will work as an ambulance doctor in a city hospital. A super girl, Doll with skin problems, will be brought to your appointment. She pursued criminals and they used chemical weapons against her. Now she has skin problems and you will need to treat her. First of all, you will examine her face and make a diagnosis. After that, with the help of special medicines and medical instruments, you will perform a series of manipulations and cure your patient.

Fixin To Die

In the game Fixin To Die, you will be taken to a country where an epidemic is raging. Your character will work in a small clinic where patients will constantly come; you will have to provide them with first aid. When controlling your character, you will have to run to the patient and take him in his arms and carry him to bed. Then, using various medications, you will give him several injections. As soon as you carry out these manipulations you will again run to the next patient and will help him already.

Ellie Twins Birth

The young girl Ellie will soon become a mother. You in the Ellie Twins Birth game will have to help her give birth to twins. You will see in front of you a girl who is sitting on the couch. As soon as her contractions begin, you will have to call an ambulance and while she is going carefully to inspect the room. Find and stack the items that the girl needs in the hospital. After that, you will find yourself in the ward. You will need to examine the patient using medical equipment. When the time comes, follow the on-screen instructions to help her give birth to twins.

Super Doll Ear Doctor

Famous in her city, the super girl Doll, pursuing criminals, was exposed to chemical weapons. Bacteria penetrated her auricles and now she has hearing problems. You in the game Super Doll Ear Doctor will be her doctor. Having seated the patient in a chair and taking special tools, you will need to examine her ears and make a diagnosis of her disease. The treatment method will depend on this. After that, you will have to follow the prompts on the screen to begin to carry out a set of measures aimed at treating the girl.

Ice Queen Tongue Doctor

In the Ice Kingdom trouble happened. They tried to poison the ruling queen, but she recognized the poison in time. But all the same, part fell into her tongue and now it is inflamed. You in the game Ice Queen Tongue Doctor will have to carry out treatment as a royal doctor. To do this, you will first need to examine the queen’s mouth and make a diagnosis. After that, you will be able to apply treatment using various medicines and medical instruments. When you finish the queen will be absolutely healthy.