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Pixie Resurrection Emergency

An earthquake hit the elf kingdom and several buildings collapsed. Because of this, several subjects of the king suffered. In the game, Pixie Resurrection Emergency will need to provide assistance as a doctor to patients who have been delivered to your clinic. First of all, you will need to connect the patient to an apparatus that will support life. After that, you will need to examine the patient carefully and make a diagnosis. Now, following the instructions on the screen and applying various drugs and tools, you will need to cure the victim.

Hospital Doctor

A company of children walking through the woods fell off a cliff. Some of them were hit hard. An ambulance arriving at the scene of the tragedy took the children and drove them to the local hospital. You in the game Hospital Doctor will work there as a doctor. First of all, you will have to go to the ward and there to conduct an initial examination of the patient. Having determined what injuries the character received, you proceed to its treatment. For this you will use medicines and various medical instruments. When you finish the treatment, the child will be healthy again.

Princy Eye Doctor

A girl named Prince started having vision problems. Without chipping into a long box, the girl went to a local hospital for an appointment with an optometrist. You in the game Princy Eye Doctor will play for this doctor. First of all, you will have to examine the patient. To begin, drip her eyes with special drops. After some time, you will need to conduct testing to determine what happened to the girl’s eyes. Now, following the instructions on the screen, you will carry out a set of actions aimed at healing the girl.

Doctor Teeth 2

In the second part of the game Doctor Teeth 2, you will continue your work as a dentist in a children’s clinic. Various children with toothaches will come to your appointment. Having led them into the office, you will have to seat the patient in a chair. Now you will have to carefully examine the patient’s teeth to make a diagnosis. This will help you determine the treatment methods. Now with the help of special tools and medicines you will need to treat your teeth. When the patient is completely healthy, you can invite the next patient and treat him already.

Sleepy Princess Twins Birth

Princess Elsa will soon give birth to two beautiful twins. You in the game Sleepy Princess Twins Birth will be played by the doctor who watches her. You will need to prepare for this event. First of all, you will have to go to the princess’s chamber and conduct an initial examination there using special medical instruments and devices. When the battle begins at the princess, you will have to follow the instructions on the screen to the babies will be born.

Cat Doctor

In almost every home, pets like cats live. We love them very much and try to pamper. But sometimes our pets get injured or suffer from some kind of disease. Then we turn to special veterinary clinics, where doctors treat animals. Today in the game Cat Doctor, we want to offer you to try to work as such a doctor yourself. A cat will be brought to you at the reception, which, while walking on the street, has received many injuries. You will need to inspect it and the first thing to clean the wool from debris. After that, you will carry out a set of actions aimed at treating the animal and put it on its feet.