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Dotted Girl Brain Doctor

Lady Bug has been suffering from persistent headaches lately and therefore decided to go to the doctor. You in the game Dotted Girl Brain Doctor will be her doctor. First you will need to conduct an initial inspection of our heroine. For this you will use certain medical instruments. Once you are diagnosed, you will begin treatment. You will need to cut and shave the head of our heroine. Then you will need to open her skull to get rid of various microbes and harmful objects. As soon as you can tell you will brainwash her, you will have to follow her instructions to sew her skull.

Ellie Vaccines Injection

In one small town, an influenza epidemic has begun and almost all people come to the hospital to be vaccinated. You in the game Ellie Vaccines Injection will work as a doctor in such a clinic. A young girl, Ellie, will come to your appointment. You will need to listen to her heartbeat, measure the temperature and give a special drug in tablets. After that, you can take a syringe and inject the vaccine. But for this, treat the skin area with a special solution and only then inject the injection. Then attach a cotton swab and stop the blood. When it stops flowing you can stick a band-aid and let the girl go home.

Baby Hazel Gums Treatment

In the game Baby Hazel Gums Treatment, you will go to the house where little Hazel lives with her family. Today, our girl will have to take care of her little brother and herself. You will help her with this. Before you on the screen you will see the room in which our girl and her brother will be. You will need to collect certain items that will be located in the room and use them to entertain the children.

Dotted Girl Skin Doctor

The famous Lady Bug chasing criminals was exposed to chemical weapons. Now she has very big problems with her appearance. You in the game Dotted Girl Skin Doctor will need to help her tidy herself up. First of all, you will have to carefully examine her code on the face and diagnose the disease. After that, using special cosmetic tools and preparations, you will begin to treat it. So that you know what actions and in what sequence you need to perform in the game, there is special help.

Super Doll Mission Accident Er

A famous girl superhero chasing a gang of criminals fell from the roof and was injured. An ambulance delivered her to the local hospital Super Doll Mission Accident Er in which you will work as a doctor. Having entered the patient’s room, you will have to conduct an initial examination to make a diagnosis, and determine what injuries our heroine received. After that, you will need to use specific medications and tools to take certain actions aimed at treating our girl. When you finish she will be completely healthy and will be able to continue her fight against crime.

Ellie Home Recovery

The young girl Ellie fell home from the stairs and received a lot of injuries. You in the game Ellie Home Recovery will arrive at her home as her doctor. You will need to first of all carefully examine her in order to make a diagnosis and determine the injuries she received. After that, using special medical tools and medicines you will begin to treat it. So that everything works out for you and you do everything right in the game there is help that will show you the sequence of your actions as a doctor.