Tag: Labyrinths


The ball has gained the ability to fly, but to have the ability and to own it are two different things. The ball will have to train a lot to hone your skills, and you will help him. Go from easy to the most difficult, avoiding collision with clouds, inscriptions, flying, rotating and fixed blocks. A successful level will bring money, and a failed level will take it away.

Biba Xonix

You are not waiting for a simple battle for the seizure of territory, as well as its submission to yourself! You will have your own ball that can pass through the enemy’s territory and as soon as it closes the connection with its own, it will immediately go to it, and the enemy’s field will become smaller, but it’s also more dangerous for you, because the enemy will also have balls that will not capture the territory but they will hunt for you, and this can create real difficulties in capturing and patency!

Marble Trap

The marble ball is beautiful in itself, but this is not enough for him, he wants to participate in various competitions, and especially he likes aristocratic golf. But because of his severity and slowness, he has no chance to replace special white golf balls. He wants to prove that he can quickly and skillfully roll on a green lawn. Help him practice agility and dexterity in Marble Trap. The task is to draw the ball along the green paths to a specific destination. You cannot go beyond the path and you need to move as quickly as possible.

My Kitten Balloon

Balloons are very old vehicles. They did not become common, but are still used as walks and exploring the area from a bird’s eye view. We built our cat-shaped ball and intend to make money on it in the game My Kitten Balloon. To do this, collect gold coins by moving the ball from left to right and constantly moving up. In addition to your ball, other comers will appear. They copied you and also launched their balls in the form of animals. Beware of the collision, it will not bring anything good.


A little yellow chicken walked along the clearing, collecting flowers. Suddenly, balls began to fall from the sky, and a huge blue bubble appeared nearby. To get rid of small balls, it is necessary to drive them into a large sphere. Use the ZX keys to move the character, he should go to the selected ball and push him in the right direction. This is not easy, the balls do not really want to obey him. They can jump the other way, and the hero has too little time to chase after them. Round objects have numbers, they will become your points if they are inside the ball in RushBall.

Adventure Zuma

We invite you to play the classic zoom puzzle in Adventure Zuma. But here, among other things, exciting adventures await you, and not just throwing balls into a moving snake. You know perfectly well the rules of zuma – to prevent a chain of balls from reaching the opposite exit. Shoot, collecting three or more identical balls in a row so that they themselves are destroyed. You will visit three different worlds: the Egyptian desert, the heyday of the Mayan civilization, permafrost in Norway. Each location has its own landscapes and beauty. You will be interested in fighting balls.