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Hyena Simulator 3D

Hyena is not an animal that causes sympathy, but in nature everything is balanced, therefore such individuals should have a right to exist. In the game Hyena Simulator 3D, a hyena will become your main character, that is, you will temporarily transform into an animal and try to survive in the harsh conditions of the wild. To feel comfortable, you need to eat regularly, so the first thing a hyena needs to find food for itself. You can hunt small rodents, because large animals are beyond your power. Find relatives, packs are easier to survive and get their own food.

Girls Play City

Together with hundreds of players from around the world you will go to the famous city of Girls Play City. Only girls live in it. You will get one of them in your control and will help her to do everyday tasks. Waking up, your character will have to go to the city and visit many places. To move around the city, a special map will be visible in front of you, on which the buildings your girl should fall into will be marked. So you will help visit her beauty salon, go to the store to purchase new clothes and do many more other things.

Miami Crime Simulator 3d

In America, the large city of Miami is located on the seashore. This is a huge seaport through which smugglers work. They are covered by large criminal groups. You in the game Miami Crime Simulator 3d will consist in one of them. Criminal wars often start between criminals. The gang leader will give you various tasks that you will have to perform throughout the city. This may be car theft, delivery of a certain type of cargo or the destruction of representatives of other groups.

Fantastic Fetus

In the game Fantastic Fetus you will meet a married couple who will soon become dad and mom. You will spend several days with them and help them live. At the beginning of the game you will need to choose a hero. After that, you will see the character in front of you. Under it will be a special control panel. With it, you can perform various actions with your hero. You can feed him, send him for a walk on the streets of the city, and if you need to visit a doctor in the hospital.

Wild Wolfes hunger attack

During the game Wild Wolfes hunger attack, you will become a real wild predator. Wolves live in packs or groups of at least three. While you are alone, but strive to create a group for yourself and become an alpha male. To get started, hunt by catching a rabbit, deer or, at worst, a bird. You must maintain strength, they will be needed for survival in the wild. Having accumulated strength, you can find the Alpha male and fight with him to lead his pack. The battle for the crown will be difficult, do not rush to immediately look for an opponent and rush into battle. Settle in the forest, hunt, monitor vital signs.

Swarm Simulator

The ant colony is one of the most organized communities in the insect world. Here everyone knows their place and their responsibilities, so everything is done quickly and clearly, without fuss and crush. In the game Swarm Simulator, you will become the founder of a new swarm, which will subsequently be exemplary for everyone else. The big ant has already taken its place and it has a brave guard. Deliver meat larvae to promote reproduction and development, increase the staff of assistants. Expand your territory and opportunities, gradually adding new elements, introducing new members of the colony.