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Pou Summer Break

In the game Pou Summer Break, you will return to the past of Pou, and he will share with you his impressions of the summer holidays. Being small, Pou potatoes often rested with their mother at sea and now, thanks to the power of the virtual world, you will be transported to the childhood of the character and together go to the sea coast. Mom and son have already arrived and are almost ready to relax and relax, but the main thing is left – equipment. Vacationers must observe beach fashion and you will quickly transform the characters in accordance with the situation. A small potato family wants to swim, board and dive. Choose blackboards, rubber rings for your characters, and toys for your baby. After complete readiness, go surfing and try to cover the maximum distance without crashing into obstacles.

Jump Pou Jump

Little Pou really wants to see her beloved princess again. He wants to make her an offer, but the bridge ahead is destroyed. Pou is very upset, but he found a way out. He used special magic platforms that float in the air, and made an air bridge out of them. There were not many baskets and there was a great distance between them. Pou will have to jump between them, and you will help him in this. Good luck

Pou Wedding Party

Pou decided on an important step in life and made an offer of a hand and heart to his beloved. Today, a wedding ceremony will take place and the entire potato bed is busy with preparations for the gala party. You have a responsible job to dress up the newlyweds. Pay special attention to them and pick up a pair of gorgeous costumes and accessories so that guests, upon seeing them, gasp with delight and surprise.

Pou: Jewel Match

Pou always dreamed of finding treasures and today he succeeded after a long journey to the north. There he discovered deposits of precious stones that require engraving. To engrave them, you need to look for the same in color and shape. If you can find these will give you a few points. During the time allotted to the level you need to collect as much as possible. To do this, follow the prompts and your own logic to collect the largest line of stones.

Pou Truck Delivery

Baby Pou now has a new job: he delivers candy home by truck! But this is still a difficult job for him, because he still does not drive very freely. Your mission in the game is Pow: Delivery of cargo – try to help Pow to deliver sweets, and at the same time give him several lessons in car driving. Get behind the wheel of his huge truck and drive just in front. Everything is calm on the route, cliffs and ditches are not foreseen, so do not forget to collect strawberries and go around the cobblest…

Pou Girl Rejuvenation

Girl Pou decided to become more beautiful than at present and went to a beauty salon. You, as her personal beautician in the game Pou: Rejuvenation girls are simply obliged to please your client and make her irresistible. Your goal is to bring Pou’s face in full order and rejuvenate it. Initially, what you need to do is to cleanse the skin of dead scales with a facial scrub. Then you need to apply a thin layer of cream, and after that you can proceed to more complex procedures after which you ne…