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Gangsta Wars

The rivalry of street gangs in the city has recently become especially strong. A new player has appeared on the market and that is you. It’s time to put things in order and calm the unbridled bandits in Gangsta Wars. Armed with a pistol and go to the streets, gangsters will find you yourself. Soon, several strong guys with heavy bits at the ready will come out. But what will they do against small arms. But you should be very quick and agile. Although the bad guys are not well armed, there are many. Do not let yourself be surrounded, shoot from afar and use buildings for shelters. Become the king of the streets.

Gangster Mayhem 5

You have to withstand the most severe attack of a powerful gang of gangsters. The bandits got tame monsters at their disposal and decided that everything was allowed to them. Riding on the monsters, the robbers attacked the local prison in order to free the prisoners, they thought that the guards, when they saw the terrible monsters in fear, would flee, but were mistaken. Show them what brave soldiers are capable of, quickly move, shoot, get to watch towers and take soldiers to help, the arrow will show the way, improve and upgrade weapons.

Gangster Mayhem 6

The gangs have completely unbelted and dare to attack the police department in order to free their gangsters from prison. Your squad is too small to repel a large gang, but the right strategy and constant movement will help you gain time to provide yourself with more powerful weapons and defense installations. Move and shoot, do not let the enemy surround you. In the warehouse you will find the necessary weapons.

Gangster Mayhem 3

You will recover in the territory where active hostilities take place. It’s not safe to be here, because you can get a bullet in the forehead. But our brave heroes, whom you will control, are not the first time to enter the battlefield, and therefore are ready to repel any attack. Bear in mind that enemies are trained gangsters who are ready for anything, just for the sake of good profit….

Gangster Mayhem

In vast territories appeared a handful of bandits who keep in fear not only local residents, but also soldiers who remained here to guard the property. You are the most important and portrayed as the largest. Wander around the territory and try to collect the poor soldiers and kill all the enemies, the number of which is displayed in the upper left corner….

Gangster Mayhem 2

You will manage a combat army. But at first it will be only two people. With each successfully completed mission, their number will grow. The number and level of opponents will also increase. The priority in the game is the protection of the commander and base….