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Talking Tom Piano Time

Cat Tom and his girlfriend cat Angela decided to open his own music club. But the trouble is, they with Angela can not choose which style to choose for their institution. We will play in the game Talking Tom Piano Time for a designer who will help them in this matter. Before us on the screen two panels will be visible. With the help of one of them you can change the decor elements of the room and decorate it with various elements. The second panel is responsible for clothes and accessories that you can put on our character. So sit back and start creating something unique and fashionable.

Talking Tom Run

Talking cat Tom lives in a small fairytale town. Once, while walking through the city streets, he noticed a bank truck driving along city streets. As it turned out, his body doors were open and gold bars were pouring directly onto the ground. Our hero decided to quickly collect them all and thus become rich. You in Talking Tom Run will help him do this. Your hero will run through the city streets collecting gold. You will use the control keys to indicate which way to move him, as well as help jump or bypass all obstacles located on the road.

Talking Tom Diamond Hunt

Tom’s girlfriend loves diamonds, and the cat wants to please her beloved and for this is ready to go at least to the ends of the world and even into space. Help the brave hero in Talking Tom Diamond Hunt. He had already put on a spacesuit and stood on one of the planets, spinning with her. Watch the space, if you see a sparkling stone, make the cat jump, but at the same time it should be opposite the next celestial body, otherwise it will fly away in an unknown direction and his bride will lose not only jewelry, but also the groom.

Math Test Challenge

Every child attending school studies such a science as mathematics. After training at the end of the year, they pass an exam, which is designed to test knowledge in this science. Today in the Math Test Challenge we will try to pass such a math test ourselves. A mathematical equation will appear on the screen in front of you. Below it will be visible several answers. You having decided it in your mind will have to choose the correct answer. By clicking on it you will earn points and move on to the next equation. If you give an answer that is incorrect, then you will begin the test again.

Angie Summer Wedding!

Tom and Angela decided to get married in the summer. Both love the warm season and do not want to freeze at their own celebration. In addition, the bride wants a beautiful open dress and jewelry that everyone could see, and under a fur coat hardly anything can be seen. In the game Angie Summer Wedding! You will prepare the couple for the ceremony. First of all, take care of the kitty bride. She prepared several dresses to choose from. They are of different models and colors, you have to dress them one by one for the heroine to figure out which one will be better. Add a veil and jewelry, select shoes. Then dress Tom and they will both be ready at the crown.

Tom HairDressers

Talking cat Tom lives in one small town. One day, it occurred to him to open his own hairdresser and today in the game Tom HairDressers we will help him in the first working day. Before you on the screen your first visitor will be visible and he wants you to work on his image. You with the help of special tools can radically change its appearance. With the help of a special panel, you will pick up a haircut, clothes and accessories for it. You can even grow his mustache and beard. In general, its appearance will depend only on you.