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Immerse yourself in the exciting game Incrementown, where you have to build a huge settlement on the islands. Construction will begin on the green island, where in specially designated places you will erect cozy houses for immigrants. They will start to bring you income, and you constantly increase their productivity by buying improvements. Near the houses, it is appropriate to dig a well and begin to build various industrial buildings. Having earned enough gold, buy a new island and continue to build it. Periodically, chests with coins will appear on the field, do not miss them, this is a good increase to the budget. Create a comfortable flowering city where all residents live in prosperity and happily.

City Building Simulator

On one of the planets, people, together with the aliens, decided to establish a colony. You in the game City Building Simulator will lead its construction. Before you on the screen you will see the territory that you will need to master. On the right there will be a special control panel with which you will need to manage the actions of your people. First, lay several city buildings and begin the development and mining of various resources. As soon as you have accumulated a certain number of them, you will begin the construction of factories and residential buildings for people.

Fortnite Building

To organize an effective defense, it is necessary to have strong rear areas. Gallant soldiers from Fortnite Building will not be engaged in shooting and chasing the enemy, but in the peaceful construction of their fort. It is necessary to collect materials, create models and build everything that is necessary so that the soldiers are reliably protected from heavy guns and from outside invasion. The fort must withstand a long siege, so military construction must be approached with all seriousness. Collect wood, metal, bricks. Then the resources can be used to build and strengthen walls, stairs, floors.

The Final Earth 2

In the second part of The Final Earth 2, you will again find yourself in the lost lands on one of the planets. Here lives a race of little men. The planet has survived a series of disasters and everything around is destroyed. A small company of people was able to avoid disaster, and now you will need to help them create their capital and revive civilization. Before you will be visible desert territory. Below will be a special control panel. With its help, you can build houses in which people will live and produce various useful resources.

Mystera Legacy

In the game Mystera Legacy, you find yourself in a huge fantasy world where a mere mortal will not be easy if he does not take care of his safety. You can live both on the surface and underground. Choose your place and go to gather resources to begin the construction of protective structures: thick walls and high towers. Surround the selected area with walls, and inside build a base with production and production. Organize a farm so that there is a constant supply of products. When you have a little rear rear, it will be possible to attract allies to your side, to gather tribes. Work on increasing the level and you will become invincible.

Happy Town

Each of us dreams of a calm and comfortable place where you could live without worrying about the future. This is not always the case, but a person does not get tired of looking for a refuge throughout his life. In the game Happy Town, we suggest you build at least in virtuality a happy city where everyone is happy and everything is there. You will pass the levels, completing the tasks set in the upper left corner. Mostly they consist in you scoring the required number of points of happiness. To do this, next to residential buildings should not be factories and plants, but parks, squares and green spaces.