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Spearmen Hunters

In Africa, we live a lot of Aboriginal tribes, which quite often quarrel among themselves. Since in those days there was no firearm, most wars took place using bows and spears. Today in Spearmen Hunters we will take part in several clashes between the tribes. Our hero will be armed with a spear and shield. Your task is to attack the enemy and throw a spear at him. If you aim well, hit and kill the enemy. Spears will also throw at you. You can block them with your shield. So be careful and do not let your hero die.

Halloween Story

In one small town, the entire population celebrates Halloween. During the celebration, they staged a masquerade ball, and of course hold many different competitions. We will participate in the game Halloween Story in one of them. Before us on the screen on the playing field will be located various objects. You need to look for the same and put them in a line of three items at least. To do this, simply move one of the items you have selected one cell in any direction. Then this row will disappear and you will be given points

Bunny Brawl

In the new online game Bunny Brawl, we will enter the world of rabbits with you and will play for one of them. In this world, all representatives of this race are constantly at odds with each other, so you will need to try to make your hero stronger. To do this, traveling around the location you will need to collect various food products. Absorbing them your hero will grow in size. There is also food that can give you certain bonuses. If you meet another player, try to deftly attack him. In order to kill him you need to beat him with your paws. You will also be beaten in response, so constantly maneuver and dodge strikes.

Pipe Beer

A lot of young people like to go to the bar in the evening and sit there after drinking any drinks. Some of them are poured from special taps, which in turn are connected by pipes to barrels. You in the game Pipe Beer will play for the installer of these pipes here. The crane will be visible on the screen in front of you. To the right of it will be a panel on which we will see pipe elements. You will need to click on the element you need and transfer it to the playing field. So by dragging these objects, you will build an integral pipeline. You will be given time to complete the task and you need to keep within it.

Vampirina Jumping

Today in the game Vampirina Jumping we will meet you with the young vampire Vampirina. Our heroine today decided to work out her skills in high jump. We will see on the screen our heroine standing on the ground. Clouds will soar above it. Our heroine will have to make jumps starting from them. You will have to direct its actions using the control keys. Remember that the clouds give her the opportunity to jump further and if you can not get on them, then our heroine will fall and break. In this case, you lose the round and you have to start all over again.

Kody Kapow Training Day

Today in the game Kody Kapow Training Day we will meet with you again our beloved hero boy Cody Capow. He goes to the school of martial arts and today we will also attend these classes. Our hero has to go through several trainings that will hone his attention, dexterity and balance. For example, we will need to go down the sleigh along the road. Our hero must deftly manage the sleigh and smoothly enter the turns. In another workout, you have to use the chopsticks to catch flies. On the third, you will have to in the pictures that appear before you find the colors you need. Remember that the success of each workout depends only on your reaction speed and attentiveness.