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Sky Of War

In the game Sky Of War, we will pilot the most modern fighter. Today we decided to test your plane in the first battle. You will board a plane and take off into the air and fly towards your opponents. Your task is to attack the convoy of bombers, which is covered by enemy fighters. You will have to get close to the enemy aircraft and taking them in the sight to open fire from your cannons. This way you will shoot them down. They will also fire at you. You are doing aerobatics and deftly maneuvering in the air will have to dodge their shells.

Wild Wolves Hunger Attack

A flock of wolves lives in a distant forest. They spend a lot of time hunting other animals or protect their territory from other schools. We will play in the game Wild Wolves Hunger Attack for one of their wolves, which is in this pack. Before you on the screen your character standing in a forest glade will be visible. On the left you will see a radar on which animals and your opponents will be displayed in the form of points of a certain color. We will have to run our wolf to run to the prey and attack it. Thus we will gain strength and grow in size. When your character becomes a certain size, you can fight against other wolves.

Captain Underpants Memory Mania

Captain Podshtannik after his next adventures and exploits decided to spend the evening with friends. In order to somehow pass the time, they decided to play some games. We will join them in this fun in the game Captain Underpants Memory Mania. You and I will need to look for pictures that depict the same character. To do this, we will open two cards in one move. As soon as you do this, remember what is depicted on them. As soon as you find two identical pictures, open them simultaneously. This way you will earn points.

Descendants: Candy Shooter

Today we want to introduce you to the exciting game Descendants: Candy Shooter. In not with the heroes of the series Heirs, we will break the wall consisting of bubbles. They have a different color and shape. You will shoot a single bubble from a kind of gun. You just need to find exactly the same objects among the cluster and get into them. If you can put together three objects of the same color and shape, then they will disappear from the screen and you will be given points. So you will clean the playing field from all the bubbles that are on it.

Descendants: Puzzle

Today we want to bring to your attention a new game Descendants: Puzzle. In it, you and I will be able to have fun and interesting time collecting various puzzles dedicated to the series Heirs. You will see a picture with a scene from the movie for a couple of seconds at the beginning of the game. Try to remember her. After that, it will break up into separate fragments. You must study them. After that, start moving each fragment to the place you need. Thus, you will restore the image and earn points in this game.

Descendants: Help the Descendants

Today in Descendants: Help the Descendants, we will go to school. The heroes of the series Heirs go to it. Here they gain certain knowledge and develop their talents. We will be offered a choice of visiting several lessons. For example, we can test our knowledge in such a science as mathematics. We will be given certain mathematical equations. We will need to solve them and then choose the correct answer. In another lesson, we will be asked to put together a fascinating puzzle of existing elements. You just need to drag and drop this part of the picture to get a whole image from them.