Tag: IO games

Stickman Shoot

A zombie epidemic has entered the world of stickmen. Peaceful stick men turned into evil voracious monsters, mutants appeared who could fly. Few were lucky enough to survive, the uninfected formed camps and put up security. Help the stickman in the game Stickman Shoot, he must withstand the unprecedented onslaught of his mutated brothers. His task is not to miss the attackers for the blue flag. The hero is armed with powerful automatic weapons, but it will become more effective if the character does not miss the falling boxes. In them a variety of ammunition is dropped from the air. Use special mines, they appear in the upper right corner.

Bomb Defender

A warring army in space requires constant reinforcements and your ship was sent to escort six powerful bombs in the Bomb Defender game. They will change the course of the battle, and help your army defeat. The enemy will try to intercept the convoy and destroy the bombs. If you lose four ammunition, the mission will fail. Protect the cargo by maneuvering in a horizontal plane and firing from an enemy who is flying towards the packs. A lot of tests await the pilot, the enemy will throw all his strength into interception. You can choose any of the three difficulty levels, but everyone will require maximum concentration and will keep you energized.

Tuna Tower Defense

After a recent explosion at the World Atomic Station, which energizes almost the entire world, strange things began to happen. Animals began to mutate. The worst has begun, what can happen, some animals realized that a person should not rule the world. Huge tuna attacked people and now only you can destroy them by building reliable defense towers.

Zoba Tower Defense

Evil zealots calling themselves the Zob clan have captured half the world. They found a secret technology that allowed them to turn into malicious red monsters. Now your country is threatened with capture, but you do not intend to sit and wait until they destroy everything that you love. Organize a reliable defense to destroy all the goiter that cross the border. Be very careful.

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

The Deyns are an ancient people, mining and mining precious stones. The state neighboring them attacked them in order to seize power. You are the defense commander of one of the strongholds of defense. Show your intelligence and strategic thinking in organizing defense. Build structures, set traps on the way of the enemy, develop and improve your weapons and the enemy will be destroyed. Have a good game and pastime!

Elite Corps Tower Defense

Here is the next part of the game Tower Defense of Heroes. In it, we can choose from two characters for whom we play. Each of them has its own unique skills and characteristics. Your task is to repel the attack of various monsters. Build defenses, send barrage units, upgrade your weapons. Do everything to destroy the attackers and protect yourself. Good luck and enjoy the game!