Tag: Horses

Rocket Weasel

Here you can relax a little and make fun of our experimental! Our ferret will be tied to a rocket that you have to launch in different rooms, at the end of which a large target will be installed! The closer you get to the center, the more ferrets will receive rewards and food, because for these difficult trials he should receive good gifts! try very well to make the ferret happy, and you have fun!

City Crushers

They say that breaking is not building, a lot of mind is not needed. But this rule is completely unsuitable for our City Crushers game. Here you will need not only intelligence, but dexterity and dexterity. The task is to destroy the city to the ground, but to do it in an original way – with the help of a machine. It is located on a special springboard, from which you launch the car directly to city buildings and structures. At the bottom left is a scale that determines the force with which you push the car with a special device. To make the car heavier, you can put barrels on it with the X key.

Soccer Shot 3D

Football in the playing space can take many forms and does not have to be traditional. In the Soccer Shot 3D game, we offer you to use only one sports equipment from this sports game – a black and white ball. Naturally you will need a football player, but without your team he will not budge. In front of the hero is a scale of segments in yellow-red tones. The arrow is constantly moving left and right, like on a speedometer. Catch the desired direction and press for the athlete to hit the ball. The task is to send it to the maximum distance. Ahead of the city with houses and streets and how far it goes will depend on where the ball flies.

Uphill Rush Slide Jump

A waterslide awaits you and records that you can set by the length of the jump. The athlete is already at the start and will soon begin the descent. While it is moving, push the inflatable boat while pressing the dial in time when the level reaches the mark in the middle. This will make him race faster, which means he will be able to lower him into the water as far as possible. The distance will be fixed and you will receive certain points, which will turn into coins. They can subsequently be spent in Uphill Rush Slide Jump on the purchase of various improvements, including for changing vehicles to faster ones.


A small black alien creature crashed on a planet where everything turned out to be huge for him. He ejected and fell into a clearing where dandelions of unprecedented size grew. The traveler needs to get to the ship to check the damage and try to repair it. If you walk, it will last incredibly long. He decided to use dandelion to quickly fly from place to place. You will help the hero in the game Dandelion to realize his plan. Grab the flower and carry it along with the passenger through the obstacles.

Kick The Jester

The king is unhappy with his jester today, he is boring and cannot cheer anyone. You need to send him away outside the kingdom, and to have fun for the last time, kick him well in the ass in Kick The Jester. To get a solid kick, click on the jester when the scale at the bottom of the screen is as full as possible. In flight, you can throw the poor fellow with tomatoes so that he flies longer. Try to launch the jester as far as possible, go to the store for the earned gold sovereigns and get various improvements: a larger supply of tomatoes or an increase in the power of the royal kick.