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Galactic Rush

All astronauts have always been interested in how a large jeep will behave on the surface of planets on which there is no gravity! Now, you will have a chance to not only watch this but also take part in this not very normal race! Your jeep will have six wheels that will be adapted to ride on such surfaces, and there will also be an accelerator that will help to overcome not very high obstacles that fall from space!

Public Tricycle

In many cities of a country such as China, special strollers attached to bicycles are used to move from one point of the city to another. People who thus earn their living are called rickshaws. Today in the game Public Tricycle, we want to offer you to try yourself in this work. At the beginning of the game, you choose your vehicle. After that, you will go to a certain point in the city and land passengers. Now you will have to bring them to a specific place. Your hero will quickly pedal and accelerate his bike at maximum speed. Look carefully at the road and go around all the obstacles encountered on the way.

Highway Traffic Bike Stunts

Jack is a professional racer and stuntman. Quite often, he takes part in various races. Today, in the Highway Traffic Bike Stunts game, he will participate in competitions during which he will need to demonstrate his skills in driving a motorcycle. Choosing your first vehicle you will find yourself on the road. It will pass through terrain with a rather difficult terrain. Having dispersed the motorcycle at maximum speed, you will rush along the road ahead of various vehicles. When various dangerous sections of the road appear in front of you, you can overcome them by performing various tricks. Each of them will be evaluated by a certain number of points.

Impossible Truck Driving

In the game Impossible Truck Driving you will work as a driver who tests various models of cars. Today you have to test various truck models. For this, a special complex route was built, which is located over the precipice. You sit behind the wheel of a truck and take the car to the starting line. At the signal, you pressed the gas pedal and gradually gaining speed, you will go forward. You will need to deftly control the machine to overcome many turns of various difficulty levels. You will also have to go around many obstacles and traps located on the road.

Xtreme Stunts Racing Cars 2019

The community of street racers decided to hold a series of races in various places in the country to identify the champion. You take part in the game Xtreme Stunts Racing Cars 2019. At the beginning of the game you have to visit the garage and choose a powerful sports car. After that, you and your rivals will be on the starting line. As soon as the signal sounds, everyone will rush forward at speed. You will have to accelerate the car to the highest possible speed. You will need to quickly go through many sharp turns and overtake all your rivals. Having come to the finish line first you will win the race, you will receive game points for which you can purchase a new car.

Car vs Cop 2

In the second part of the game Car vs Cop 2, you will help the famous race car driver steal new models of sports cars. Having opened the car, your hero will be guided by the map to drive along a certain route and drive the car to a special garage. If the cars of patrol policemen spot him, they will begin the persecution. The police will try to block your car and stop it to make an arrest. You will not have to speed to make maneuvers of varying complexity and evade police harassment.