Tag: Heroes of the shock squad

Swimming World Rescue 2017

In one of the cities, which is located on the ocean, a severe flood occurred. Now almost the whole city is covered with water and many people are in death traps. In the game Swimming World Rescue 2017, we will play as a lifeguard who serves in the water patrol. Our task is to save all people who are in danger. We boarding a boat will have to sail around the city and look for the victims. They will be indicated by a green arrow that is above our character’s head. Guided by it, we will scamper around the city on our boat and look for survivors. The main thing to remember is that for the salvation of each of them a certain time is allotted and you need to have time to keep within it.

Rooftop Bike Racer

The motorcycle will challenge gravity and will soar in the air, making long jumps. The race at the Rooftop Bike Racer runs along city rooftops and is different from anything you’ve seen or participated in. Your rivals are not trying to overtake you, they rush towards to bring down the rider. In order not to drop out at the beginning of the path, collect flying balls. Reds are the ability to shoot fire shells, blue is a reliable shield that protects against collisions. The acquired skills do not last long, basically you just have to dodge the collisions and change the flight altitude. Fly forward and earn points.

Sponge World Ride

We invite you to the soft sponge world of Sponge World Ride. Everything here is made of a spongy porous sponge: houses, trees, roads and cars. It will be funny to arrange a race on the highway, where it is impossible to get into an accident. On the one hand, this is an advantage, but on the other, it is not easy to gain high speed in terms of elastic coating. The car bounces, tumbles and time is wasted. Try to go the distance faster, finish at the red flag. Climb over suspension bridges, through soft valleys, climbing hills and head over heels sliding down. It will be interesting and fun, the race has never been so cool and completely safe.

Hill Climb Twisted Transport

Jim lives in the mountainous part of his country at the foot of the mountains. He works in a cargo delivery service. Every day, taking his pickup out of the garage, he loads it with a different load and carries it to customers. We will help him with this in the game Hill Climb Twisted Transport. Before us on the screen will be visible the road running through the mountains. You pushing the gas pedal will rush through it. Given the terrain, you need to increase or decrease speed in certain sections of the road. This is done so as not to lose the load. Also carefully go around various obstacles located on the road. The main thing is to drive everything for a certain time and not to lose something from the body.

Canyon Racing

If the goal is close, it no longer matters in what ways you will achieve it. This happened to our hero in the game Canyon Racing. He ran a brand new car on a good track and suddenly saw a bright light in the sky and an unidentified object, like a flying saucer. She was down and obviously was about to land somewhere beyond the canyon. The hero did not hesitate, but rushed straight through the canyon by car, although she was not at all suited for off-road driving. We’ll have to ride like a tunnel, fenced with walls from the sides. If you accelerate too much, you can run into the wall, but this threatens a coup. Have time to respond to turns, this way is unfamiliar to the driver. Control the arrows and do not roll upside down.

Truck Derby

It would be strange if racing competitions did not take place in a city populated by cars. Cars are prone to racing, wanting to demonstrate their best technical qualities. Survival races, Derby, are especially popular in Tracktown. Typically, such competitions continue until the engines smoke in cars. Jack is going to go on the track and you can drive it with the hero, being behind and directing the truck in the right direction. There are three lane ahead, keep an eye on what appears in front. Usually these are dirty puddles that are better to go around because they pollute the windshield and speed decreases. Gather the remaining objects and icons by controlling the left / right arrows.