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Water Scooter Mania 2 Riptide

You managed to win races on high-speed scooters, but the champion title needs to be confirmed. Opponents should not doubt your superiority, so you just need to prove that you are the best and unsurpassed racer. Take an affordable scooter and get off to the start of the Water Scooter Mania 2 Riptide race. The waterway is wrapped in a closed ring with many winding sections and steep bends. Try not to fly ashore, overtaking competitors, collect bonuses, use nitro speed to break away and hide from your opponents. The game has two modes: single player and online game.

Zombie Farsh

We invite you to participate in a real meat grinder in the game Zombie Farsh. First you get a car at your disposal, it will become your weapon against the undead. Go to the chosen location and start making minced meat from zombies. Destroying the undead is a profitable business, so you will have competitors. You have to be faster and faster than your rivals, and they will also try to prevent you. Green zombies are the most expensive, if you see these, quickly push and get coins. Trophy gold will be needed to purchase a new car with a powerful engine and an impenetrable body.

Kart Wars

Take an affordable racing card into circulation, choose a game mode: race or battle, and immerse yourself in the colorful virtual world of Mario. In races you will simply compete, trying to overtake rivals. War is something else. You must get to enemy territory and capture the flag of the enemy. So that you do not get lost, the pointing arrow will constantly guide you. Forest, oasis, ghost town, desert, air race – these are the locations that you will pass in the game Kart Wars. As you gain experience and won battles or races, you will be able to gain access to new cards, more powerful and powerful.

3d Arena Racing

Cool sports cars, powerful motors and adrenaline – all this awaits you in the new exciting game 3d Arena Racing. In it you as a racer will participate in a mass of races that take place around the world on various tracks. At the beginning of the game you will have the opportunity to choose a car. Remember that each of them has its own characteristics. After that, you will find yourself on the starting line with the enemy and, upon a signal, will rush to the finish line. Your task is to accelerate your car as much as possible. Enter corners smoothly, overtake your rivals if you need to push them off the road. But do everything to come to the finish line first and win the championship title.

Train VS Car: Battle Speed

In the game Train VS Car: Battle Speed, we will be with you in the distant future of our planet. People take refuge behind walls and live in cities because zombies roam the planet. Communication between cities takes place either by rail, or by using ordinary expressways. Imagine that you were late for the train, but you need to deliver an urgent package to the mayor of another city in the state. Therefore, jumping into a car, you try to overtake a train on it in order to board it at an intermediate station. You will drive along the road cleverly going around various kinds of obstacles on the road. Also, zombies will attack you and try to kill you. You need to either shoot them down or go around the same way.

Horse Ride Racing 3D

Tom works as a jockey and participates daily in various competitions held at the hippodrome. And today in the Horse Ride Racing 3D game, he and his horse will participate in sports in obstacle racing. Well, we will help him with this. We will ride on a horse together with the opponents on the starting line. At the signal, you will gallop on your horse along the highway. Barriers will be installed on it, which you will need to jump on horseback. The one who comes to the finish line wins the race.