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Pistol Hero V

Typically, Spider-Man tried to do without small arms, and so he managed to calm the bandits who caused concern to the townspeople. But the current threat in Pistol Hero V is more serious and here you can’t do without a pistol and even without something more powerful. Not only criminals, but also officials, guardians of the Law, rebelled against the hero. A real war broke out in the streets and this must be stopped. Help the guy bring the bandits to life in uniform and in civilian clothes, and for this you have to shoot, there is no other way. You can change the types of weapons: a gun or a gun. The last one you can immediately put a few enemies.

Spider-Man Mysterio Rush

The dangerous villain Misterio is one of the antagonists of Spider-Man. Periodically, he collects his minions and commits all sorts of sabotage in the city of New York. This time he invented hallucinogenic gas and sprayed it over the city. People began to behave inappropriately and the villain took advantage of this situation to set the crowd on a super hero. Help Spider deal with all the attackers. He does not want to harm the innocent, so he will simply scatter everyone who clings. In this case, the hero must fulfill the main goal – to find Mysterio and destroy the threat in the bud in Spider-Man Mysterio Rush.

Zombie Go Go Go

The dead man woke up, and since he absolutely did not like lying in the pitch darkness of the damp grave, he decided to take a walk in his native cemetery. Ideally, he would like to get out of the gloomy graveyard with monotonous stone gravestones, but it was not so simple. The dead are not allowed to leave their burial place when someone is trying to break the ban, the protection mode is turned on and ordinary tombstones turn into insurmountable barriers, becoming tall columns. But our zombies in the game Zombie Go Go Go do not intend to give up. He knows how to bounce high, and you will help him bypass obstacles and even collect money.

Spider Man Xtreme Adventure 2

Spider-Man has become too vulnerable, he has lost his ability to crawl along sheer walls, release web threads and use them to destroy enemies. To restore super strength, you need to collect round gadgets with the image of a spider, for this the hero went on a journey through the roofs. But the villains have learned about the hero’s weaknesses and want to use them to deal with the character. Help him, bypass or jump over enemies, collecting valuable objects.

Spider Fly Heros

A little boy walking along the streets of the city turned out to be near the meteorite’s fall site and was exposed to radiation. Now he has become the owner of super abilities, as well as the famous comic book hero Spider-Man. Our character decided to become the same hero and help people using these abilities. We will help him with this in the game Spider Fly Heros. Our hero designed himself a special flying skateboard. Now, when a crime occurs in the city, he put on his suit and jumped on the board, rushing there. Seeing criminals, he will attack them and firing from weapons mounted on the board to destroy criminals.

Spiderman into the spiderverse Masked missions

In the game Spiderman into the spiderverse Masked missions, you will meet the new Spider-Man – Miles Morales. He replaced Peter Parker on the SHIELD team. Together with his girlfriend Gwen Stacy – Gwen Spider, the characters will perform complex missions to save the city. Select a character and go to the first task. The hero will have to race along the flying subway trains. Jump from one to the other, trying not to miss and fall on the rails, here even the web may not be useful. Collect gadgets and avoid collision with burning balls, they explode.