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Train VS Car: Battle Speed

In the game Train VS Car: Battle Speed, we will be with you in the distant future of our planet. People take refuge behind walls and live in cities because zombies roam the planet. Communication between cities takes place either by rail, or by using ordinary expressways. Imagine that you were late for the train, but you need to deliver an urgent package to the mayor of another city in the state. Therefore, jumping into a car, you try to overtake a train on it in order to board it at an intermediate station. You will drive along the road cleverly going around various kinds of obstacles on the road. Also, zombies will attack you and try to kill you. You need to either shoot them down or go around the same way.

Horse Ride Racing 3D

Tom works as a jockey and participates daily in various competitions held at the hippodrome. And today in the Horse Ride Racing 3D game, he and his horse will participate in sports in obstacle racing. Well, we will help him with this. We will ride on a horse together with the opponents on the starting line. At the signal, you will gallop on your horse along the highway. Barriers will be installed on it, which you will need to jump on horseback. The one who comes to the finish line wins the race.

Swimming World Rescue 2017

In one of the cities, which is located on the ocean, a severe flood occurred. Now almost the whole city is covered with water and many people are in death traps. In the game Swimming World Rescue 2017, we will play as a lifeguard who serves in the water patrol. Our task is to save all people who are in danger. We boarding a boat will have to sail around the city and look for the victims. They will be indicated by a green arrow that is above our character’s head. Guided by it, we will scamper around the city on our boat and look for survivors. The main thing to remember is that for the salvation of each of them a certain time is allotted and you need to have time to keep within it.

Gravity Displacement

In the game Gravity Displacement, you and I will help the cube run along a specific route. Our hero has the ability to overcome gravity, and you will use it in his race. Before us will be visible the path running both from below and from above. Dips will be located on it, hitting which our hero will die. Therefore, when he sees that he is approaching such a dangerous place, you just need to click on the screen with the mouse. Our cube will immediately change its location on the road and run on. So you will overcome all dangerous sections of the road.

War Of Soldiers 2

The military conflict between the West and the East has flared up with renewed vigor and you can join the military operations to help those who you like. If you are a soldier not by name, but in fact, you have the opportunity to show your fighting skills in a battle with players from all over the world in the game War Of Soldiers 2. We have a place to deploy: six different locations, nine types of weapons and two modes in the game. Excellent three-dimensional graphics will not slow down even on low-performance devices. Gain battle experience with points, become a legend for rivals and horror for enemies. Use the keyboard to control.

Seek and Destroy

The enemy hid, the streets of the city are empty, but the silence is deceiving and can be broken at any time. Raise the helicopter like a real pilot and take off to inspect the area. At the slightest suspicion, shoot or drop bombs. Your car in Seek and Destroy is equipped with modern offensive weapons: missiles, bombs, compact torpedoes that can destroy an entire enemy group at once. Control the arrow keys to fly, W / S – up / down, mouse or F – rocket launch, X – bomb drop, Z – height fixation. Cleverly manipulate the keys and a huge helicopter will obey your control. You don’t even need a license.