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Customize BMW i8

Want to feel like a real designer of super-expensive cars, then start playing the game Customize BMW i8. Now you have to finalize a modern car, which only entered production. The model that you are going to upgrade is intended exclusively for wealthy people and in the future is equipped with the most cutting-edge equipment and of course is supplemented with the necessary accessories that will stand out clearly along with top-class cars. Tackle the tuning of the upper part, it is permissible to repaint with more expensive paint in an original tone. As soon as you handle the body, re-equip the interior. At the end, do not forget to sit inside the iron horse and get an unforgettable experience.

Talking Tom Piano Time

Cat Tom and his girlfriend cat Angela decided to open his own music club. But the trouble is, they with Angela can not choose which style to choose for their institution. We will play in the game Talking Tom Piano Time for a designer who will help them in this matter. Before us on the screen two panels will be visible. With the help of one of them you can change the decor elements of the room and decorate it with various elements. The second panel is responsible for clothes and accessories that you can put on our character. So sit back and start creating something unique and fashionable.

Disney College Halloween Ball

In the famous college where all Disney characters study, tomorrow will be Halloween Day. We at Disney College Halloween Ball will help the party character team prepare college rooms for this. You will see a special panel on which icons will be displayed that change various decor options. With it, you can change everything – from curtains, furniture and flooring. Thus, you will decorate all rooms.

My Princess Room Decoration

Princess Anna wants to remodel several rooms in her wing of the palace. You in the game My Princess Room Decoration act as an interior designer. A room will be visible on screen. On the side you will see a special control panel with which you can change the interior. First of all, you choose the color of the ceiling, walls and floors. After that, you will pick up furniture that will stand in the room. When everything is put in its place, you can decorate the room with flowers, statues and other beautiful things.

Cute Diva Makeover

The young girl Anna is preparing for the world beauty contest. In order to defeat him, the girl should look appropriate and you will have to work on her appearance in the game Cute Diva Makeover. At the beginning of the game our girl will appear on the screen in front of you. To her left will be a special panel with icons. You will have to click on them to call the auxiliary menu. They will allow you to radically change the girl’s appearance, choose the appropriate outfit, shoes and stylish jewelry for her.

Jacqueline and Eliza School Bag Design Contest

One of the schools in Chicago will host a competition for the design of a school bag among high school students. You in the game Jacqueline and Eliza School Bag Design Contest will help two friends Jasmine and Elsa win in it. Each of the girls will have to come up with their own unique design. At the beginning of the game you will need to choose a heroine. After that, you will see a handbag of a certain shape. On the side of it will be a toolbar that allows you to perform various manipulations with it. With it, you can completely change the appearance of the bag, sew on it some patterns and steal all kinds of jewelry.