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Armored Humvee Jigsaw

Each army has a special military equipment. In addition to tanks, there are many cars that should simplify the lives of soldiers. Today in the game Armored Humvee Jigsaw, we will meet with you such a brand of military vehicles as Hammer. But in order to see the image of this machine, we will have to assemble an interesting puzzle with you. On the screen you will see a gray almost colorless image of the car. On the right will be the elements of this puzzle. You will need to take them one by one and drag them onto the playing field. So you gradually and restore a holistic image of a military vehicle.

Descendants: Puzzle

Today we want to bring to your attention a new game Descendants: Puzzle. In it, you and I will be able to have fun and interesting time collecting various puzzles dedicated to the series Heirs. You will see a picture with a scene from the movie for a couple of seconds at the beginning of the game. Try to remember her. After that, it will break up into separate fragments. You must study them. After that, start moving each fragment to the place you need. Thus, you will restore the image and earn points in this game.

Descendants: Help the Descendants

Today in Descendants: Help the Descendants, we will go to school. The heroes of the series Heirs go to it. Here they gain certain knowledge and develop their talents. We will be offered a choice of visiting several lessons. For example, we can test our knowledge in such a science as mathematics. We will be given certain mathematical equations. We will need to solve them and then choose the correct answer. In another lesson, we will be asked to put together a fascinating puzzle of existing elements. You just need to drag and drop this part of the picture to get a whole image from them.

Over the Garden Wall Puzzle

Today, for fans of the animated film Behind the Garden Wall, we want to introduce the new game Over the Garden Wall Puzzle. In it we will lay out a fascinating puzzle. Before us is a picture. On it we will see characters from the film in one of the scenes. After a couple of seconds, it will fall into its constituent elements. All of them quickly mix together and fall on a special panel. You will take them from there one at a time and drag them onto the playing field. Changing the location on the field and in space, we will make up the elements together. When you combine all the elements you get a solid image. So you will win the game.

Over the Garden Wall Puzzle 2

In the game Over the Garden Wall Puzzle 2, we will again meet our brothers Greg and Wirth. Today our heroes stayed at home, because outside the window rains. Since they were bored, they decided to entertain themselves by unfolding the puzzle. We will help them with this. Before us on the screen you will see a picture with a scene from the life of our heroes. Try to remember this image. Because after a few seconds, it will fly into many elements. They all mix together. Now you need to click on one of them to drag on the playing field. So dragging and dropping the pieces of the puzzle you will collect from them a solid image.

Lego Nexo Knights Puzzle

In the game Lego Nexo Knights Memory you have to spend a little time in the company of the powerful knights Nexo Knights, who, however, decided to hide from you behind the cards. And you will need to open all these cards by clicking on only two cards in one move. And you need to do this so that two identical knights are depicted on the turned over cards. Remember the location of the cards in order to make it easier to find the necessary combinations in the Lego Nexo Knights Memory game on subsequent moves. You also need to try to ensure that each action is effective, which will bring you a few points, while incorrect combinations will rob you of 20 points.