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Wandering through the mazes, tracking down the enemy, laying bombs – this is the well-known game genre of bomberman, so beloved by the boys. The game Bombot.io is a classic example, but online. In addition to your character, many other players will roam the maze, and all of them are your rivals. Our hero is a robot or a bomb. He knows how to set bombs. They will be needed both for punching additional moves, and for destroying the enemy. When exploding walls, various bonuses can be detected. They increase the speed of movement, give protection, give additional bombs, increasing their power. Bonuses are temporary.


We invite you to fight a little in the multiplayer game BomBom.IO. You will become a pilot of an old bomber, whose task is to destroy the maximum number of objects on various maps. You yourself will find objects for dropping bombs by choosing cards. The scoring and the final position in the leaderboard depends on your strategy. As you gain points, your plane gets bigger and heavier and it’s not at all as good as it sounds. You have to maintain a balance so that it does not get worse. Your rivals are real players from everywhere, so it will not be easy to defeat them. Each has its own tactics and he considers it victorious.

Loot Sweeper

Once, taking out the garbage, the cleaner saw a jewel on the ground and decided to dig further, and suddenly he was lucky. So from a cleaner he turned into a digger and so you will see him in the game Loot Sweeper. The hero begins to delve into the bowels of the earth, and there, there is a bunch of all kinds of dangers except valuable items. Help him avoid bombs, stones, collect gems. To do this, you need to dig mines, trying to prevent the hero from falling over. When planning to move, think about whether this will be the last point. Anticipate future actions and you will successfully escape many deadly threats.

Cake Bomb

Modern methods of killing are diverse and these are not only well-known types of weapons and bombs, but also the most common items. Outside it can be at least an iron, and inside – a nuclear warhead. In Cake Bomb, everything will be less threatening, but no less dangerous. The bombs are disguised as triangular slices of cake and your character in a peakless shirt will lay them out wherever you wish. But remember that the shock wave can cause damage to the hero himself, so try to take the bomberman away from your own bomb. He has to fight with an army of skeletons, they will try to get to the poor man as soon as the barriers disappear.

The Darkest Mines

Our hero is engaged in exploring old abandoned mines in the hope of finding something interesting there. This is a risky activity, because the mines are in unsightly condition. Nobody checks and controls them, which means there can be landslides and often the heaps of stones and rocks block the road. Therefore, the researcher does not go underground with empty hands, he always has a supply of bombs with him. They can be installed in any place where you need to clear a path or blow up something unnecessary or interfering with The Darkest Mines.

Scape Pow!

Being captured is very bad for anyone. But do not give up, there is always the opportunity to escape and free yourself, and so decided the hero of the game Scape Pow! He decided not to stay a moment in confinement, he has huge potential, but no less difficult challenges. He was assigned to the most terrible prison, from where no one had yet been able to escape, and not because there were many guards and strong doors. You can easily leave the chamber, but it is not easy to go through all the corridors crammed with traps. Mechanical knives, round robots guards, traps and more. All this needs to be circumvented and the first thing to pick up the key to gain access to the door.