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Gardenia’s Lip Care

Cute Gardenia has serious lip problems. You can only help her surgically. Follow the instructions in the game, conduct a successful operation. Then you will have the opportunity to collect the girl for the holiday. Pick up makeup, hairstyle, and clothes. Nice design and good graphics. For the game you need a mouse, a good mood and a great imagination. Enjoy your stay, enjoy!

Inside Out Disgust Throat Surgery

The heroine of the puzzle named Disgust has recently had a sore throat. She cannot think of anything more, and still annoys her more. To make her life easier, and she didn’t spoil anyone anymore, she urgently needs to have a throat operation in Inside Out Disgust Throat Surgery. You will not only help the poor girl, but you will be able to imagine yourself in the role of a real surgeon. These procedures are so difficult to follow according to the rules, but you will have tips in the game Disney Puzzle: Surgery on the Throat of Disgust, with which you can accurately carry out everything. Use the indicated tool, which lie in front of you on the table. Don’t be alarmed when Disgust opens its mouth. Her throat is full of germs that it’s time to send home. It is not easy to do any procedure in the hospital, and if it is also complicated, you will have to try. But you will understand some of the rules in medicine, you will find out why special forceps and medicines are needed. But this will help save the life of Disgust and stop its sore throats. Game Disney Puzzle: Operation on the throat of Disgust will help you decide on a future profession if you want to become a doctor, and even more so master the profession of a surgeon. Today you will have an operation on the throat, and tomorrow you will be able to undertake more complex procedures. Become the savior of this character’s health, and maybe your whole life, because bacteria can seriously damage the body if you do not fight them with the most cruel methods.

Elsa Abdominal Surgery

Elsa is unwell this morning and Anna called a doctor who diagnosed stomach problems and sent the patient to the hospital, where you are on duty today in the operating room in the Elsa Abdominal Surgery game. You should immediately perform an Elsa operation in the abdominal cavity, eliminating all the problems there. Everything should start from the stomach, in which, after opening it, a large amount of debris and microbes was found. First you need to remove all the bones, using the forceps available for this. The next step will be the destruction of microbes, for which you will have to use a special spray. Once this is done, you should return the stomach to its place and take care of the intestines of our princess, who has a large number of problems. To do this, in the game Operation Elsa’s abdominal cavity there is all the necessary equipment and medicines. You need to use them in a predetermined sequence, following suggestive clues. As soon as all problems are fixed, Elsa will immediately feel better and will want to change into more festive dresses. Go with her to the castle in the game Elsa Abdominal Surgery, where she will open you her closet with a lot of things. You will have to work no less than in the operating room before you can pick up everything you need for this fastidious princess who wants to look simply amazing in honor of her recovery.

Big Hero 6: Help Arm Surger

The next battle ended in trouble for Baymax and his friend. The first was very damaged and now his suit needs a good repair. But the boy was not so lucky, he has a hand injury that urgently needs to be put in order. Use medical tools to patch the wound. Which tool to apply will show you a hint. Take it and swipe your hand as shown on the screen. After all the manipulations, the hand and costume of the heroes will come to their proper form, and they will again be able to go into battle.

Elsa Appendicitis Operation

In her palace, Princess Elsa groans in pain, because her stomach hurts so much! Rather, call an ambulance and deliver the main character of the game to the hospital. Have her examined to make sure the diagnosis is correct and prepare for the operation to remove appendicitis. Under the guidance of an experienced surgeon, brilliantly perform the operation, following his recommendations directly above the operating table. The necessary medical tools are at your fingertips, and the doctor is nearby,…

Ella Surgeon Legs

This girl named Ella wants to become the star of the catwalk, but her ugly legs do not allow this. She will be able to make a modeling career when she corrects the curvature of her legs. Elle does not like to perform physical exercises, so she decides to go to the plastic surgery clinic. Make an initial examination of your patient, then establish an accurate diagnosis and start treating your legs. Follow all the manipulation procedures and do the necessary operation and then Ella’s legs will bec…