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Barbie Safari Adventure

Barbie and her friend Anna decided to make a series of articles with photographs about a country like Africa. We will go on a safari with us in the game Barbie Safari Adventure. Arriving in Africa, our heroines decided to visit many interesting places in the capital and then go to the savannah to shoot wildlife. For each of the events they will need the appropriate outfits. We will help them choose them. Going into the girls room you will help them do makeup and hairstyle. Then, taking into account the place where they will go, you will choose one of the proposed clothing options.

Barbie Hollywood Star

At one of the parties, Barbie met a famous movie director and he invited her to audition. We will help our heroine get ready for them in the game Barbie Hollywood Star. You will see Barbie on the screen. To the side of it will be various panels. With the help of one of them you can apply make-up on the girl’s face and do hair styling. Using the second panel, you will need to pick up her clothes, shoes and jewelry for the shooting. So you and prepare our girl for these tests.

Barbie Fashion Police

Barbie graduated from the Police Academy and today she has her first working day at the station. We in the game Barbie Fashion Police will have to help her get ready for him. At the beginning of the game you will have to do her hair and then apply makeup. Then, opening the closet, you will inspect the police uniform that hangs there. You will have to choose her uniform to your taste and then choose shoes for her. Now select the various accessories. It can be handcuffs, a baton or something else.

Bridezilla Barbie

Barbie, along with her friends, went to study at a university famous throughout the country. Having met with students, they decided to join the women’s community. Today in one of them is a party and our heroines decided to go there. We in the game Bridezilla Barbie should help Barbie and her friends to tidy themselves up before this event. First of all, using makeup, apply makeup to the face of the girl you have chosen and make a beautiful and stylish hairstyle. When you do all this, you can move on to choosing clothes and shoes in which the heroine goes to a party.

Barbie and Friends Fairy Party

Barbie has many friends from the world of fairy tales and fantasy. Especially the beauty made friends with one very cute fairy. The fashionista tells the girlfriend the secrets of her beauty and style, and the fairy tells about the magical wonders of her forest. Today she flew to the girl to invite to the party. It is time to get ready if he wants to be in time before the start of the enchanting spectacle of the opening of the spring season. Simple mortals are not allowed at the fairy party, so you need to make a fairy out of Barbie so that she looks like a real magical girl with wings. Make up, pick out an outfit and always wings.

Barbie and Elsa in Candyland

Barbie and her friend Elsa found in one of the books a description of a magic ritual that can transfer them to the magical land of chocolates. Our girls decided to visit her. But before that, each of them decided to put herself in order and you and I will help them in the game Barbie and Elsa in Candyland. The first thing the girls and I will go to their bedroom and sit at a table with a mirror. Now using various cosmetics and apply makeup on their faces, as well as make them a hairstyle. After that, you will need to open the wardrobe of each girl and pick up outfits for them to your taste.