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Farm Dice Race

The virtual farm is working successfully, its owner is diligently caring for his pets and working on the land to get good harvests, and in the evenings he is not averse to relaxing at a fun board game. Especially for the farmer, we have prepared a game that is similar to the classic Snakes and Ladders, but called Farm Dice Race. You can play with a friend, and if there is no real partner, the game will give you a virtual one. In the upper left corner, click on the bone to get the number of moves to move. Take turns in turns. If you hit the down arrows, you will be thrown back a few moves. And the up arrow will help you get closer to the finish line.

New Farmers

What our life consists of, if not out of current affairs, worries, hassle and periodic shocks. Life is short and it’s time to understand that this is not a rehearsal, but a performance that cannot be replayed. It happens that fate gives us a second chance, but many do not even notice it or simply ignore it. Our heroes intend to drastically change their lives. Indigenous people: Amy, Gary and Deborah are going to move to the village and become farmers of the new formation. Their village friend invited his friends to revive the old farm together. Join New Farmers, here is enough work for everyone.

The Farmer 2018 3D

If you were planning to become a farmer, it would not be easier to work out on our magnificent The Farmer 2018 3D simulator. A piece of land with the necessary buildings, a brand new tractor on the go and several types of mounted units have been allocated to you in virtual space. From time to time letters will come with instructions on what to do. Pay attention to the lower left corner, there is a navigator, it will use the red line to tell you where to go. First attach the appropriate implement to the tractor and set off to sow corn. Sell ​​the finished crop and there will be money that you can profitably invest in new equipment, the purchase of livestock, equipment.

Mr. Tulip Head’s: Puzzle Garden Extravaganza

Welcome to the farm where the most beautiful tulips are grown. Your task is to carry out all the tasks that appear on the screen. In turn, you need to not only plant new types of plants, but also solve puzzles that will help you move to the next level. Read the terms of the task carefully and try to complete it. When one of the tasks is completed, a strikethrough name will appear in the list. Some types of platforms where flowers are grown will need to be connected, and for this you will be given a limited amount of resources. If you do everything right, then you will not have difficulties in the game Mr. Tulip Head’s: Puzzle Garden Extravaganza.


Entering the game Farmerz.io, you will see how your character is already worn with a piece of land. Decide where you will settle down and begin to equip farming. Look around, there are already several buildings on the field. Among other farmers, it is a source of water and a market. Try to stay at the same distance from them so that you don’t have to run far for water and tear, dragging the crop to sell. Initially, you have carrot seeds. Plant it, fertilize and water it in order to get the crop faster. To collect, press H and carry on sale. The proceeds will allow you to expand, purchase seeds, establish new sites and become prosperous.

Bunny Derps

In the game Bunny Derps you play as a hare who owns a huge farm. His tasks include planting and caring for the crop, as well as livestock. Wander around your domain and carry out the daily work of the farmer until you are attacked. Evil predators will try to spoil your crop and destroy all living creatures. Arm yourself with a gun and go to kill them. Be careful, they cause great damage, so try to shoot from afar so that they do not have time to reach you. During the battle, do not forget to monitor the economy, so that there is a good harvest.