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Barbie: Barbies Schmuck Designerin

Barbie studied for a while in a special institution for a stylist and designer. After graduation, she opened her agency and is now preparing to release her first collection. You and I will help her develop her in Barbie: Barbies Schmuck Designerin. To begin with, our heroine decided to work on the appearance of various decorations. Before you on the screen you will see a necklace. You will need to pick up the stones that will stand in it. They can be of different colors and shapes. The most important thing is that they combine with each other. So use the special panel to select them to your taste.

Super Barbie’s Love Kiss

As you probably know, it’s hard for super heroes to have a personal life, because they are constantly under the scrutiny of all sorts of villains who will not miss the opportunity to make a bad soul mate. And that is why all such relationships should be kept strictly secret and very good if there is an ally who will help in this, for example, as in the game Super Barbie’s Love Kiss, where Super Barbie wants to kiss her chosen one. All her kisses should go unnoticed for everyone who will appear on the playing field of Super Barbie’s Love Kiss. And this is a rather difficult task, because each time you will need to fill out a special scale in order to move to a new level. Starting a kiss, you need to carefully monitor the space around our main characters and as soon as danger arises, immediately stop the kiss. An exclamation mark will warn you of danger. As soon as an outsider disappears from the playing field, you can immediately continue the goals. Gradually, moving from one level to another, it will be increasingly difficult for you to hide the love relationships of our heroine, because more and more outsiders will appear to follow her, appearing literally from all sides and you must be extremely careful not to reveal Barbie’s relationship with this guy .

Barbies Tortenfabrik

Barbie graduated from the Academy of Confectioners and opened her own small shop where she now sells various cakes and pastries. You and I will be helping Barbie Tortenfabrik cook various tasty things. Today our heroine wants to make a huge cake for the celebration of the city’s day. You will see the first cake lying on a tray. A probe will appear above it, which will hold the second cake. The probe will move in different directions. You will have to make a moment and click on the screen so that the object falls on the base and takes a place in the center. So gradually you make the cake.

Barbie Safari Adventure

Barbie and her friend Anna decided to make a series of articles with photographs about a country like Africa. We will go on a safari with us in the game Barbie Safari Adventure. Arriving in Africa, our heroines decided to visit many interesting places in the capital and then go to the savannah to shoot wildlife. For each of the events they will need the appropriate outfits. We will help them choose them. Going into the girls room you will help them do makeup and hairstyle. Then, taking into account the place where they will go, you will choose one of the proposed clothing options.

Barbie’s Fast Food Restaurant

Having accumulated some money, Barbie opened a fast food restaurant in her town. You at Barbie’s Fast Food Restaurant help her work the first few days. You will see the main hall of the institution where Barbie stands behind the counter. People will come up to her and make orders. They will be displayed in a special dialog menu in the form of pictures. Now you will need to quickly inspect the order and prepare these dishes from the necessary products and pour drinks. Now you give it to customers and get the money. In this case, you must manage to do it all for a certain time.

Barbie Hollywood Star

At one of the parties, Barbie met a famous movie director and he invited her to audition. We will help our heroine get ready for them in the game Barbie Hollywood Star. You will see Barbie on the screen. To the side of it will be various panels. With the help of one of them you can apply make-up on the girl’s face and do hair styling. Using the second panel, you will need to pick up her clothes, shoes and jewelry for the shooting. So you and prepare our girl for these tests.