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Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery

Surgeons are people who work in a hospital, perform various kinds of operations, and thereby save the lives of their patients. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at such a profession? Today in the game Operate Now: Pericardium Surgery you will have such an opportunity. You will work as a doctor on duty in a large clinic and patients will come to you. Your task is to give them an initial examination and make a diagnosis. After that, you will immediately begin the operation. Since you are not a professional doctor, you will need to follow the tips that you will be given in the game. If you perform them quickly and clearly, you can quickly help the patient.

Scalpel Maestro

Today, as a surgeon, you will have a busy day. Due to the fact that summer has come, everyone got undressed as much as possible and went to the beach, walking barefoot in the sand, some caught an infection and now they are waiting in line for you and are in a hurry. Take your magic scalpel and start jewelry work. Among the legs and arms, you must masterly move, cutting out only those parts that are redundant on the limbs. They usually have a different color. Do not touch with sharp blades of legs and arms, otherwise all patients will flee in an instant, and you will be left without work at Scalpel Maestro. Become a real scalpel maestro.

Ursula Brain Surgery

Deep under water is a fabulous kingdom in which mermaids live. Somehow one of them sailed under the ship and containers fell on it, which were dumped from the ship. One of them hit her on the head and she was injured. Now you will have to help her in the game Ursula Brain Surgery. First of all, you will need to remove the garbage from her head and cut her on the bald head. After that, following the instructions and using special medical instruments and drugs, you will need to perform an operation on her brain.

Elsa Hips Surgery

The young girl Elsa’s legs hurt pretty badly. Because of this, she went to the hospital and after the examination she was prescribed surgery. You at Elsa Hips Surgery will be the doctor who will conduct it. First of all, you will need to anesthetize your patient so that she falls asleep on the operating table. After that, you will pick up a scalpel and make an incision on her thigh. Now you will have to follow the instructions and using special medical instruments to carry out an operation on her thigh and then stitch. When you are finished your patient will be healthy again.

Ellie Lips Injections

In the modern world, quite a few young girls use the services of plastic surgeons to improve their appearance. Today we will try in the game Ellie Lips Injections try ourselves in the role of this doctor. Before you on the screen you will see a girl who wants to make herself a different shape of her lips. First of all, you will need to clean the skin around the lips and apply a special cream on them. After that, you will use the ruler to make special markup. Now, special medical instruments will appear on the panel with the help of which we will conduct this kind of operation.

Emergency Surgery

In the game Emergency Surgery, you and I will have to work in an emergency hospital in the surgery department. Various patients who need surgery will be brought to your appointment. You will need to carefully examine the patient and give him anesthesia. Then, with the help of special tools, you will have to process the place where you will conduct the operation. Now make an incision with a scalpel and carry out the operation. After that, taking a needle and a special thread, you will need to sew up the wound. When you are done, your patient will be healthy.