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Dotted Girl: Toddler Vaccines

More recently, Lady Bug became a young mother and is now engaged in the education of her baby. Today in the game Dotted Girl: Toddler Vaccines, she will need to go to the doctor’s clinic to receive a vaccination for her baby. You will be the doctor who will have to vaccinate. First of all, you will need to conduct an examination of the child and determine its general condition. Then, following special instructions, you will need to use medical instruments and medicines. Typing it in a syringe you will need to give the baby an injection and thus he will receive a vaccine.

Dotted Girl Tongue Doctor

A young girl caught an unknown infection, and now her tongue is swollen in her mouth. Without thinking twice, she went to see a doctor. You in the game Dotted Girl Tongue Doctor will work in the clinic. You will need to cure the girl. First of all, you will need to clear her tongue of plaque and various microorganisms and make a diagnosis of the disease. After that, you will need to carry out a set of measures aimed at treating the disease using special tools and medicines. When you finish the girl will be completely healthy.

Dentist Party

A new modern dental clinic Dentist Party has opened in a small town. You will work as a dentist in it. A girl who has big problems with her teeth will come to your appointment. You will have to seat her in the dental chair and conduct an initial dental examination. Thanks to this, you can diagnose the patient. After that, with the help of special dental tools and medicines you will begin treatment. There is help in the game that will tell you the sequence of your actions.

Ice Queen Toddler Vaccines

Quite a few children in childhood suffer from various diseases. This is due to the fact that they still have weak immunity. Therefore, there are special vaccinations designed to increase the child’s resistance to disease. You in the game Ice Queen Toddler Vaccines will work in a hospital in a small town and give children vaccinations. When the patient comes to you, you will need to carefully examine him. After that, with the help of special medical instruments and medicines, you will give him an injection from the disease following the instructions.

My Dentist

Today you will work in My Dentist dentistry and will treat the children who will come to your appointment. A patient entering your office will sit in a chair and open his mouth. You will need to carefully examine all his teeth and make a diagnosis. After that, you will need to proceed directly to dental treatment. To make everything work out in the game, there is special help. She will tell you in what order and which medical instruments you will need to use to heal all the teeth of your patient.

Sick Business

Treatment of patients is also a business, paradoxically, nothing is done for free in our lives. Our hero wanted to open his modern hospital with the best doctors and staff. But this is a very costly venture that will require solid financial injections. A newly made businessman took harm from the mafia and now he has no right to make a mistake. Help the hero, he must properly manage the money so that they multiply and the company works. If you get a profit, you don’t have to worry about paying off debts. Get used to the Sick Business game business and remember who the investor is.