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Avengers: Endgame

In Avengers: Endgame, you will help the Avengers team fight a new enemy. Alien robots have invaded the planet. Their goal is to capture the whole world and enslave humanity. Your heroes will need to overcome the barriers and get on the ship to blow it up. Choosing a character for which you will play, you will see how he gradually gaining speed will move forward. Robots guards will come across his path. You will have to attack the enemy and using the special abilities of your hero to destroy the enemy.

How well do you know Marvel black panther?

The king of Wakanda Black Panther organically fit into the company of super heroes. Many of you already know this unusual character, who knows how to become a graceful black predator. If you are confident in your knowledge, you can check it in our small quiz How well do you know Marvel black panther? It consists of ten questions and for each there are several answers. You must choose the only one and if it is correct, it will light up in green. Even if you don’t know something, the game will show the correct answer, and you will remember it and will know more about your favorite character.

Black Panther: Vibranium Defender

A lot of world-class criminals dream of stealing such metal as vibranium. One of these groups has infiltrated the capital of the kingdom of Wakanda and is now breaking through to the repository of this metal. We are in the game Black Panther: Vibranium Defender will help the Black Panther lead his fighters and protect the vault. Before you on the screen city streets of the capital will be visible. Below will be a panel with images of your fighters. You will have to click on the soldier you need and put him in the place you need where he will join the battle against criminals. Be careful and strategically think through your actions in order not to let your defense break through.

Avengers: Infinity War

In the game Avengers: Infinity War, the legendary group of heroes The Avengers will have to meet in a duel with the army of the titan Thanos, who wants to capture the entire Galaxy. The advanced detachment of his army landed on the surface of the planet, and now one of our heroes will have to engage in battle with them. You at the beginning of the game choose your character. Remember that each of them has its own combat skills and characteristics. Then you will move forward to meet opponents. They will attack you and you will have to deftly control your character and attack them and destroy them. Sometimes after the hero’s death, items that you will need to collect may fall out.

Marvel Draw Your Hero

All of us are happy to watch films on television about the adventures of various superheroes. We even try to remember their interests and tastes. Today in the game Marvel Draw Your Hero, we want to offer you to pass a certain test, which will show your level of knowledge of each hero. You will have questions on the screen. Below will be given several answers. After reading the question and answers you will have to choose one of them. So successively answering all the questions you will get a processed result at the end, which will show your level of knowledge as a percentage.

Which Avenger Are You

Avengers is an association of heroes who are on guard of our planet. They are all different, with different skills and characters. Would you like to know which of them is closest in spirit to you? Today, in Which Avenger Are You, you can find out. To do this, you will need to pass a certain type of test consisting of various kinds of questions. They will appear in front of you on the screen. Read it carefully. Four or more answers will be given below. Choose one of them. When you finish with the test, your answers will be processed and you will be shown a picture of the hero that suits you best.