Tag: Defense strategy

Sniper Deja Vu

Every elite special forces unit has a sniper. This is a man who can destroy a criminal with one well-aimed shot. Quite often they are given the most difficult tasks. Today in the game Sniper Deja Vu we will play for such a person. The bandits captured a huge skyscraper along with the people who worked there in offices. Your task is to destroy the guards and other goals that you designate. To do this, pointing your rifle you will look into the scope. You need to combine a cross with the head of the enemy in order to hit him with one shot. Remember that you can bring the target closer to yourself to aim better. So you will hit your goals and go through the game.

Deer Hunting Classical

In the game Deer Hunting Classical you have to go to remote places of our planet to hunt animals such as deer. Before you on the screen will be visible forest thicket. You picking up a hunting rifle with a telescopic sight will have to take a certain position. You will see a forest glade, which you will need to study through an optical sight. As soon as you see a deer through him, catch him in the crosshairs of the sight. When ready, fire a shot. If your sight is accurate, then a bullet hitting a deer will kill him and you will get your trophy.

Classical Rabbit Sniper Hunting 2019

Near one small town in the forest, a lot of rabbits divorced. Some of them were infected with a strange disease. City leaders have hired you to destroy these animals. You in the game Classical Rabbit Sniper Hunting 2019 will have to pick up your sniper rifle and go into the forest. Then sitting in an ambush, you will have to inspect the entire terrain through an optical sight. If a rabbit is found, you will catch it in the crosshairs of the sight and fire a shot. A bullet hitting an animal will destroy it and you will get points.

Rooftop Snipers 2

Imagine that the community of killers annually organize a tournament to find out which of them is the best. You will take part in the game Rooftop Snipers 2. Each match will take place on the roof of one of the houses. You and your opponent will start to look for each other at the signal. As soon as you notice the enemy, try to aim quickly at the enemy and open accurate fire. Bullets falling into the enemy will reset his standard of living. As soon as you kill the enemy, you will receive points for this.

Lethal Sniper 3d: Army Soldier

Jack serves in the elite special forces as a sniper. Today he will take part in a secret mission codenamed Lethal Sniper 3d: Army Soldier. You will help our hero complete all his tasks. The detachment in which he serves should penetrate the enemy’s military base. Your hero will provide fire support. You will need to inspect the territory of the base through a sniper scope and look for the enemy. If detected, catch the enemy in the crosshairs of the sight and fire a shot. If the sight is accurate, then a bullet hitting an enemy will destroy it.