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Flash Golden Cup

If you like football, then you know when and how the penalty shootout is being beaten. This means that you have reached the finals, with an equal score. Very exciting and interesting sight. Try not to let your team down and score goals. Also, you can familiarize yourself with the standings of the cup.

3d Soccer Champions

For everyone who is fond of such a popular sport as football, we present a new exciting game 3d Soccer Champions. In it you can fight at the world championship in this sport against famous teams from different countries. Choosing a team you will find yourself on the football field with your rivals. The match will begin at the judge’s scroll. You will have to try to take possession of the ball and start an attack on the opponent’s goal. Giving passes to your players, you will approach them at a certain distance and take a hit. If your calculations are correct, the ball will fly into the opponent’s goal, and you will score a goal.


Football battles on the playing space either subside or flare up with renewed vigor. Our game FootyZag will begin a new season and you will find yourself in one of the most successful teams. The task is not to let your comrades down and play to win. Football is a team game and here the coherence of all players plays an important role. Pass the ball to your partners, not opponents. You must bring it to the goal and send it accurately by the goalkeeper, scoring a goal. In front of the gate you will be met by a team of defenders, they will try in every way to prevent you.

Road To Glory

You can achieve recognition in any field if you set a goal and move towards it steadily. It is important to find your place in the world and correctly apply your natural abilities, supplementing them with the knowledge gained. We offer you to lead a whole football team into the leaders, having passed all the stages of the prestigious Championship. You can choose any opponent for yourself, but in the end you must defeat everyone in Road To Glory. For the allotted time of the match, you need to score a maximum of goals into the goal. This can be done by giving accurate passes and accurately sending the ball into the opponent’s goal.

A Small World Cup

In the world where plush toys live today will be the first mini-soccer championship. You take part in the game A Small World Cup. You will need to choose a country that you will represent and the player. After that, your athlete will be transferred to the football field. Your hero will stand in front of his opponent. A ball will appear in the center of the field and you will have to try to get it. When striking the ball, move towards the opponent’s goal and then score a goal in them. The one who will lead in the account will win the match.

World Cup Differences

For everyone who loves a sports game like football, we present the World Cup Differences puzzle. In it, you will look for differences between seemingly identical pictures. In front of you, two images will appear on the playing field in two parts. They will see a scene from some kind of sporting event. You will need to carefully examine both pictures. Look for items that are missing from one of them. After detection, you will have to select the object found with a mouse click and get points for it.