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Talking Tom Piano Time

Cat Tom and his girlfriend cat Angela decided to open his own music club. But the trouble is, they with Angela can not choose which style to choose for their institution. We will play in the game Talking Tom Piano Time for a designer who will help them in this matter. Before us on the screen two panels will be visible. With the help of one of them you can change the decor elements of the room and decorate it with various elements. The second panel is responsible for clothes and accessories that you can put on our character. So sit back and start creating something unique and fashionable.

Kitty Beach Makeup

Angela the cat has gathered on the beach, the weather is fine on the street, just to swim and sunbathe. Beauty chose a swimsuit and was about to apply sunblock on her face. Looking in the mirror, the heroine was horrified. Acne appeared on a pretty face and some insects crawled. Take urgent measures, and we have already prepared the tools. After cleaning, apply a couple of cosmetic masks and the skin will become radiant. But on this, the makeup will not be completed in Kitty Beach Makeup, the cat wants to apply a bright drawing to be different from other beauties.

Ben and Kitty Photo Session

Mendelssohn’s wedding march thunders in Ben and Kitty Photo Session. It is Kitty and Ben who marry in the palace of light events. The beautiful bride is dressed in a white wedding dress, which is very suitable for her chubby figure. Ben is dressed in a magnificent tailcoat in black, which greatly emphasizes his masculine rigor. Guests wait, do not wait to congratulate the newlyweds. But before you sit down at the table of refreshments, you need to conduct a detailed photo shoot to cover this significant event in all city magazines and newspapers. Bring the young family into the dressing room and dress them in royal outfits for the photoset.

Sweet Kitty Dream Dress

Kitty kitty was finally lucky her young cat made her an offer to marry him. She could not resist and of course agreed. Now they are preparing for the wedding ceremony at which there will be a mass of guests. To look good at her own wedding, the cat goes to a fashionable beauty salon, where you are the one who will prepare her for the wedding. Since you probably have the experience of a stylist, you can easily choose for her an exquisite dress, veil, expensive sparkling diamonds and of course choose a wedding bouquet. Do not stop at one option, you can combine different outfits together and get something very incredibly beautiful.

Ginger At Disneyland

Summer is a golden time for children, as it is in the summer that their parents have a vacation, and they spend a lot of time together. A family of talking cats decided to go to Disneyland this summer and have fun. The little kitten Ryzhik is very happy, because he had been dreaming of getting into this fabulous park for a whole year. You have to have fun with talking cats, photograph them and eat cotton candy together. Have fun!

Angela Police Officer

Angela surprised her friends and boyfriend Tom with her decision to go to work for the police. Many did not believe that the cat speaks seriously when she stated that she is undergoing officer training, but today the secret has become apparent and the beauty is choosing her uniform to take up the first duty. Pick up stylish uniform for the little girl and hand in the gun, handcuffs and a club so that the criminals are not greeted.