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Wedding Shop 2

Your first experience with opening a store for brides was successful, and you decided to open a second salon in another area of ​​the city. The popularity of the previous institution spread to the new one, so buyers gladly rushed to the store. Brides have already learned about the appearance of the salon and soon wait for them to visit. Get ready to serve customers in Wedding Shop 2 and remember that girls are moody and unpredictable. They are busy with the chores of the upcoming wedding and for an hour do not know what they want. Give every girl maximum attention and do not forget to complete the task before the end of the working day. Spend the earned money wisely, buying useful improvements for the store that allow you to work more efficiently.

Pop Star Dentist 2

A large number of pop stars monitor their appearance, visiting cosmetologists, stylists and, of course, dentists. But some people in show business do not pay enough attention to their image and sometimes it leads to sad consequences, for example, in the game Pop Star Dentist 2, where 4 people with problems in your mouth will come to see you. Choose which of the patients will sit first in your chair and begin treatment. The scope of work is very large, so you need to have enough patience to cure all the teeth. All the tools will be in front of you and you can use them in any order. Taking one tool, you will immediately be shown a hint informing you of what problems can be fixed with its help. Begin manipulations to remove teeth, clean enamel, remove plaque or drill caries. Act until all the teeth are cured in the patient in the pop-star Dentist 2 game. After that, you can admire the result of your work and send the person home. And another patient, who also has big problems with teeth, will take a place in your chair. Start treating them using the same set of tools that will make it much easier for you to manage Pop Star Dentist 2 with more experience.

Beautiful Rapunzel Home Makeup

Jasmine and Rapunzel went to a fabulous beauty salon, where flower fairies with light magical movements change the appearance of the beautiful women who arrived. With a wave of a magic wand, the craftswomen will change the color of their eyes, hair, dress, and jewelry will be added as desired. You can be in the role of fairies, they will entrust you with a wand, and Rapunzel herself will turn out to be a client. She wants to become brighter, with an unusual eye color and colorful makeup.

Broccoli Specialty

You have to cook a dish of broccoli. The screen will constantly show tips with which you will be easier to cook this dish. Mix all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Do not be afraid to do something wrong, they will explain everything and help you. At the end, put everything beautifully on a plate and serve. For the game you need a mouse, a little time and attention. A recipe can be written and made in real life.

Princess Summer Beach

Summer is the time for a well-deserved rest and the Disney princesses deserve it, they have carefully entertained you all year, telling fairy tales, showing fascinating stories, and now they just want to relax and rest. Help them pick up light beachwear and accessories to get rid of luxurious, but heavy and hot clothes. Prepare the beauties for a full vacation on the Cote d’Azur in the company of pretty fans.

Dream Catcher 2

You have a very unusual ability. You can control dreams and do whatever you like in them. Collect good dreams and dodge bad ones. Blue will add points to you, and in a collision with red they will be taken away. Stars and planets will not do you any good or harm. In the background, all the beauties of space and the universe open. Score as many points as possible and make the biggest combo. And maybe your name will go to the high score table.