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Subway Surfer: East Man Runner

In the East is the famous fabulous city of Agrob. There lives a young guy who trades in theft. Quite often, he is pursued by a guard from whom our hero must constantly hide. Today, in the game Subway Surfer: East Man Runner, you will help him with this. Before you on the screen you will see the street along which your hero will run. On his way various barriers and other dangers will arise. You controlling your hero will have to run around them or jump over. Also try to help him collect various useful objects and gold coins along the way.

Subway Surfers 2

In the second part of the game Subway Surfers 2, you will need to help a street bully run away from the pursuit of patrol officers who caught him for another leprosy. Your hero will run along a city street gradually gaining speed. On the road there will be cars, fences and other dangerous objects, a collision with which will stun our hero. You controlling the run of the hero will have to bypass them. You can also perform tricks on the run and jump over various obstacles.

Subway Surfers

Boy Jack quite often misbehaves in the streets of his town. He likes to paint on the walls with spray cans. This is a violation of the law and therefore it is often chased by the police. To escape from the police our hero carries his skateboard with him. Jumping at him, he rushes through the streets of the city and evade the pursuit of patrolmen. We will help him with this in the game Subway Surfers. Our hero will race along the street gradually gaining speed. Obstacles will arise on his way, which he will have to jump over and continue on his way through various tricks. Also help him collect various objects scattered on the road.

Subway Surf

Boy Jack is very fond of drawing various drawings on the walls of buildings. But this is forbidden and not legal. Somehow a policeman caught him in this occupation and now our hero will need to hide from his pursuit. We will need to help our hero do this in the game Subway Surf. Having run up, he jumps onto his favorite skateboard and picks up speed along the city streets. Various obstacles will arise on his way, which he will have to either jump over or go round the side. The main thing is that he does not run into them. After all, then he will fall and the police will seize him.

Subway Surfers Singapore

Legendary subway surfers return and this time the task is even more difficult. The fact is that the heroes of the popular game must get to Singapore, but they were detained at the airport and require proof that they are going for the purpose of competition. There is an invitation, but it has broken and now you need to help your friends collect it so that the police let them into the plane. Time to spare, hurry!

Subway Surfers: World Tour – Madagascar

The team of Jack and his faithful surfers will visit Madagascar, where they are waiting for the next adventure with numerous pursuits. Go along with them all the way using an ordinary puzzle, which not only tells the story, but also teaches you to think quickly and develop your memory. The first step is to remember the image so that it is easier to assemble the puzzle. Select a part of the image and find a place for it on the screen and continue until you collect the picture completely.