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Crazy Pixel Apocalypse

Take a look at the blocky world of Minecraft, here in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In appearance, everything seems calm and peaceful, but after a little walk, you will find out what is really going on. Before in the game Crazy Pixel Apocalypse you need to choose which side you will fight: zambi or people. Then select the location from the existing ones or create your own with your own rules. Arm the character, even a zombie will not roam empty-handed. Gone are the days when monsters wielded only teeth and claws, their opponents are too serious. You can join the team, but if you are used to relying only on yourself, act alone.


In the World of Minecraft, near a small town, a portal was opened from which hordes of zombies tumbled down. Now they destroy everything living in their path. You in Zombiecraft will have to fight back. Your character will be armed with a variety of weapons. Wandering around various locations, he will have to look for the living dead and engage in battle with them. Using your weapons you will have to destroy zombies from a certain distance. Remember that if they get close to you they can cause damage and destroy your character. If from the monsters killed by you objects drop out, try to collect them. They can come in handy in your adventures.

Build with Cubes

In the game Build with Cubes, you and I will go to the world of Minecraft and meet here with a boy and his sister. Our heroes, traveling through a mountain valley, found an old dilapidated house. They really liked the place where he is, and they decided to settle here. You will help our heroes put the building in order and carry out its complete reconstruction. To do this, you will have a special toolbar with icons. By clicking on them you can carry out certain actions. For example, build walls, carry out work with the roof and improve the area around the house.


In the game Cavegame.io you will turn into a cave dweller, but it does not mean at all that you will settle in the form of a monster. Inside the mountains lives a tribe of artisans and warriors all rolled into one. Your hero is armed with a sword and it will come in handy for him, but first you need to take care of strategic reserves. The ore lies literally under your feet, you stumble upon it. So why not mine it. Collect firewood and together with the ore create yourself weapons and means of protection – armor. Break up plots and build a farm so that food is always there, install gold generators – it is the main measure of all your successes. When you gain strength, raid your opponents’ bases and become the number one player.

Minecraft Classic

Imagine that you have the chance to create the whole world yourself. To do this, you will need to play the Minecraft Classic game. In it, you will be transported to a distant desert area in the world of Minecraft. You will see the desert. Below, there will be a special control panel with which you can create a terrain, then build various houses and walls around cities on it. You can also create various animals and people.

Goblin Arena PVP

The game world provides many opportunities. You can be in the role of any character and not necessarily heroic, fighting evil. In the game Goblin Arena PVP you will turn into an evil orc. You will not see yourself, because actions occur in the first person. A randomly selected weapon will appear in your hands. The goal is to kill at least one opponent and find a special box. You are in the arena where the same monsters are worn like you, they are controlled by online players and they have the same tasks as yours. Therefore, everyone should be afraid and save their skin by any means.