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Modern gadgets are becoming more compact and convenient, and more information is contained in them. Miniature devices consist of even smaller parts that are not so easy to replace. A special robot called Micron was designed for these purposes. Its feature is that it can be reduced to the required size and penetrate into the interior of any device for repair. Right now, you can try the robot in action. Send your baby to a broken gadget, it will be in it, as in a maze. To fix it, you need to move the block and install it in a niche that matches its size.


Wandering through the mazes, tracking down the enemy, laying bombs – this is the well-known game genre of bomberman, so beloved by the boys. The game Bombot.io is a classic example, but online. In addition to your character, many other players will roam the maze, and all of them are your rivals. Our hero is a robot or a bomb. He knows how to set bombs. They will be needed both for punching additional moves, and for destroying the enemy. When exploding walls, various bonuses can be detected. They increase the speed of movement, give protection, give additional bombs, increasing their power. Bonuses are temporary.

Scooby-Doo! Sneaky Crew

Scooby-Doo has a new Scooby-Doo quest! Sneaky Crew, but it will require full dedication from the hero and courage. The dog does not like dark places, ghosts and all evil spirits can be found there, and the hero is most afraid of them. He has to get into the carefully guarded dimly lit labyrinth. Scooby doesn’t want to go there, but you can lure the dog if you offer his favorite cookies. Put the treat in the place where the character should get and draw a line so that the detective does not go astray. Keep an eye on the guards and don’t catch their eye. If you pick up a special box, the protection will temporarily fail. Collect leaflets with questions, after finding all, the exit from the maze will open.

Over the Garden Wall Dark Maze

Greg and Wirth decided to explore the mysterious garden located on the outskirts of the city. Having gathered in the afternoon, they went to roam about it, but when evening came, they realized that they were lost. Now they have to go through the maze of paths and find the way home. We will help them with this in the game Over the Garden Wall Dark Maze. Before us on the screen will be visible to the garden. Our heroes are at the beginning of the path. Somewhere in the garden there is a pointer approaching which we will move to another level. To reach him we need to restore the path, so that our heroes can walk along it. To do this, click on the element you need and swap them. Also try to collect various sweets and other items. They will give you bonuses.

Tomb Explorer

You are a treasure hunter, and they are often hidden in old abandoned cemeteries in the family crypts. Now you are in a similar place and it has become a trap. As soon as you went outside the gate, they slammed shut to get out of the gloomy maze, open all the tombs. It is necessary to go around each, but beware, an unquenched spirit or a poisonous snake may get out of the crypt.

Colo Ball

Unusual designs hide innumerable treasures and you can collect all of them if you learn to control a jumping ball. Click on the cursors to smash obstacles in your path and successfully collect valuable crystals. It is enough to show a little dexterity and observation. Each new level will be more difficult.