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Fashion Selfie Addiction

Lady Bug also succumbed to the modern fashion of taking selfies in a variety of places and uploading her photos to social networks. We will help her take morning photos in Fashion Selfie Addiction. Since she fought crime at night, the phone turned out to be terribly dirty. The first thing you will need to clean it up. For this you will need to use certain items. Dry the phone and wipe it with a towel. Then, using a special control panel, pick her a cool beautiful outfit and take photos.

Rick and Morty

Meet funny characters: the grumpy old scientist Rick and his thirteen-year-old grandson Morty. In the game Rick and Morty you will find heroes in the laboratory. Rick will immediately begin to get nervous and ask you not to touch anything, but the boy is unlikely to obey him, like you. Click on different objects and enjoy what you see. It is interesting to explore everything that catches your eye. When tired, follow on, you have to dress up the heroes using the provided wardrobes with a variety of clothes and accessories. Click on the hero and choose whatever you like.

Spongebob Shave Time

Sponge Bob somehow imperceptibly matured and in the game Spongebob Shave Time you will see a completely new, serious Bob. Say goodbye to his reckless amusements, silly antics, in front of you a bearded uncle who is going to a solid job. Now he will not stand at the stove and cook crabsburgers, but go to the office and take a place at the table. Let’s help the hero get himself in order. His bushy beard is a bit loose, to say the least. You will have to use all the tools available: scissors, a razor, and tongs. Worms and cuts are found under the hair. Remove unnecessary creatures and heal wounds. The updated SpongeBob must be dressed in a solid suit and handed daddy.

Princess Modern Job Dress Up

Princesses: Cinderella and Anna are actively involved in modern life in Princess Modern Job Dress Up and want to learn more about different professions. Girls decided to become uniform stylists, but for this they need to learn more about each profession, and our set of uniforms will help them. It includes outfits for the artist, teacher, stewardess, waiter, cook, nurse, maid and singer. Select the heroine and dress her in the outfit that you have identified for your choice. Everything from shoes to headgear should correspond to the profession, in conclusion, hand over the tool: a frying pan, brush, microphone, vacuum cleaner or brush to dust. After you fully clothe both princesses in the game Princess Modern Job Dress Up, analyze your chosen outfit according to three criteria and the result will be displayed on the screen to the right of the heroines. If you see a red X next to the line, then your choice is wrong. It is necessary to ensure that all lines are marked with green ticks. The game Princess Modern Job Dress Up will allow you to get acquainted with professions through outfits and it will be interesting for girls. It turns out that even an ordinary waitress can look stylish and elegant, the main thing is to choose the right uniform.

Vintage Wedding

Every girl dreams that she will marry the handsome prince, who will become her husband for life. And each time, the proposal to become a wife turns out to be a complete surprise for them, for example, as in the Vintage Wedding game, where the beautiful guy Jack makes an offer to Princess Elsa. And of course, now for our bride there will be the most varied and pleasant chores for preparing for the wedding. At such moments, our brides can do the most rash acts and of course it would be great if someone at this moment would be around. For our bride in the game to buy clothes today you will be the best friend, who of course will help prepare everything for the wedding. And it’s worth starting with a wedding suit, which is scattered around the room. Start collecting it by looking at all available angles. When all the elements of the outfit are collected, you can move on to the next stage – dressing our bride. This is a very important stage and of course all the elements should just perfectly match each other. You will have to sort through a large number of options before you can find a suitable dress, beautiful shoes, bride’s buoy and other accessories. This is not all preparations in the game to buy clothes, because you still need to prepare a place for the wedding, decorating the allocated room for this with a variety of decorative elements.

Princess Secret Date

Rapunzel moved to the virtual game world in the game Princess Secret Date and became like an ordinary modern girl, but mother Gothel did not leave the beauty alone here either. The girl’s magical hair is the source of the witch’s youth and she can’t refuse it, so Rapunzel has to endure mother’s importunity. The beauty has been dating Flynn for a long time and today he invited his beloved on a date by sending a message to the phone. Mother does not approve of meeting with the guys, she is afraid that the princess will leave her for good, so the fees must be secret. Help the girl choose a dress for a date, she wants to look attractive, so you should try and choose the best of what is available in the wardrobe of a fashionable woman. Later in the game Princess Secret Date, the most interesting moment will come in which you will control the princess’s fees. While she is sorting things out in the closet, watch the door, when a signal appears in the form of a red exclamation mark, let Rapunzel know, let her sit at the table and do her homework as if nothing had happened. Mother will check, calm down and leave, and the girl will continue to gather. When the scale at the bottom of the screen is completely filled, Flynn will appear and Rapunzel cheerfully rushes off to meet his lover. Helping a poor girl is a pleasant mission, you will like the game Princess Secret Date.