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Highschool Geek

As soon as you miss the beautiful girls from the fabulous country of Equestria, it’s time for you to start preparing them for school in the game Highschool Geek. All little girls dream of being in a parallel world. Everything looks different there, the heroines have an unusual appearance, and their outfits are insanely bright and colorful. Even animals there can go to school. Today, three of your pony girlfriends will need help creating images for the school day. Every pony girl wants to look not just stylish, but different from her other girlfriends. After all, every fashionista fights for a leader in her class. Three heroines will appear before you in the game School Fashionistas to feel the difference between how they dressed before and what image you create for them. It will be something amazing and they are just sure of it. Each element of the wardrobe should be exemplified by a pony to choose the most stylish things. Not only fans of Equestria girls can play School fashionistas, but even those who simply love fashion. Indeed, in the cabinets of these beauties incredibly fashionable things and accessories are collected, and with such shoes you are unlikely to be able to admire anywhere else. Immerse yourself in the world of modern fashion, which was founded by adolescents around the world, and ponies just want to keep up with other students. Beautiful and bright girls should dress no less colorful. At the end, you will see three ponies that will stand in your outfits. Compare all the girls and think about which image you like the most. Next time you can fix what seems ugly to you.

Fynsy’s Beauty Salon: Dress Up Fluttershy

Sweet and pretty Fluttershy loves harmony not only in the world around her, but also in her appearance. Therefore, she often visits the Finci salon, where you can choose clothes and create original images. This pony is kind to all residents of Ponyville, she loves to help them, feed and shelter. Therefore, do not neglect her requests for help in choosing an outfit in the game Fynsy’s Beauty Salon: DressUp Fluttershy. This pony pegasus has a very beautiful and amazing appearance, so she should dress brightly and inimitably. To achieve this, you need to try on everything that you find on the hangers of the cabin. This is the only way to decide, find the most ideal option. Underline with a new image for a pony all her talents, and there are not so few of them. She knows how to fly, although she does not often demonstrate it. Fluttershy also has a hypnotic look, which is why all animals listen to her so carefully. You also don’t want to leave the game Finci Beauty Salon: Dress Fluttershy when you meet this amazing heroine. In order for this pony to be visible to all residents of the Eternally Wild Forest who want to stand under her guardianship, her appearance must be colorful and vibrant. Play Finci Beauty Salon: Fluttershy’s dress will appeal to every girl who is attracted to kindness and care. Use all sorts of accessories when you wear this shy person. They will be able to influence the result that you like. Her pink hair can be styled in a variety of ways, for this in the Finci salon there are appropriate tools. And of course, one should not forget about the huge eyes of the ponies, which should not be ignored.

Fynsy’s Future Mum Salon: Twilight Sparkle Pregnant

If a girl was a fashionista of childhood, then when she becomes pregnant, she will not cease to monitor her appearance. This also applies to Twilight Sprackley, who looks great in the image of a future mom. Today is her day that the pony decided to devote to updating her wardrobe in the game Fynsy’s Future Mum Salon: Twilight Sparkle Pregnant. She wants to completely change her image, because she now has a time for change. To become the most beautiful future mother, Twilight needs an assistant who will advise what and how to put on her in the changing room. Choose beautiful dresses, or make a suit, and stylish accessories can complement it. Twilight not only wants to leave the store in a new dress, but also choose a swimsuit, because her favorite pastime is swimming in the pool or at sea. And now she has a lot of free time, and she loves sunbathing and swimming. Try on all the options, and do not forget about sunglasses. In the game Finsy’s Salon for Expectant Mothers: pregnant Twilight Sparkley will change before your eyes if you change her hairstyle. And in beautiful shoes, a pony will look very colorful on the streets of Equestria. To make your beloved heroine always look chic, go to the Salon Finci’s game for expectant mothers: pregnant Twilight Sparkley from your mobile at any time of the day, try on new jewelry and outfits. After a good choice of clothes for a cutie, send her for a walk in the park or home, or maybe she wants to go shopping.

Equestria Girls: Memo Deluxe

All girls want to be princesses. It’s so good, the whole kingdom is in your submission. But besides this, royal men need to meet certain requirements. The magic kingdom of a fabulous country is inhabited by Equestria girls. In the game Equestria Girls: Memo Deluxe, you can see many residents in the images. To do this, you must first open the pictures in pairs, turning them over. Identical cards should remain open, but find them first. Click on two identical pictures simultaneously. Play Girls from Equestria: a memory game can be anywhere, if you suddenly wanted to spend time with these cute ponies who turned into girls. With their original appearance, you can not get bored in games about the heroes of Ponyville. You can even follow their incredible adventures from the pictures. You will have fun in the game Girls from Equestria: a memory game, passing each level for a certain time. Enjoy chatting with this beautiful pony girl team. If you do not have time, then you can go through the level anew, or start the game on the second move. The points awarded to you at the end of each level depend on your speed. Therefore, you should not delay the search for paired pictures with Equestria girls. By the tenth level, you will see a lot of pictures with girls and ponies, you can see them and remember. It will very quickly make your memory a great subject to pride.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Memo Deluxe

In the fabulous town of Equestria, there are many cute ponies who possess magical gifts. They are not ordinary horses and may look like girls. To get to know them, just open the game My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Memo Deluxe. You will see several cards, turning over which you can see these funny characters. To pass the levels and remember all the inhabitants of Ponyville, you need to have a good memory. You may think that many pictures are similar, but each one has a separate pony, they all have their own appearance and character. You will have to learn to distinguish them in order to complete the game My Little Pony – Equestria Girls: A Memory Game. Game time is limited, so you won’t be able to think long. The sooner you find matches on the first level, the faster you will see the images of which characters were added on the next. Play May Little Pony – Equestria Girls: A memory game is more convenient on your mobile phone to devote all your free time to completing the levels. Even if you have a minute during the day, grab a pony card to find all the paired images. Only two cards are opened, then they will turn over. But you can manage to remember the images in order to open two identical cards in the next move. They will remain open until you wrap all the pairs. Hurry to the cute ponies, because they are already waiting for you and want to have fun, giving you the opportunity to develop their attentiveness and perseverance.

My Little Pony Farm Fest

Every year, after the harvest, a farmer’s festival takes place, where land workers rest and demonstrate their achievements. Little ponies love the holidays, and do not miss the moment to have fun. Help them dress up like real farmers in cowboy hats and colorful costumes with rivets and fringe. Decorate the venue and treat the guests with sweets, then hand the instruments to the horses, let them perform with a concert number and take good-bye photographs.