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Going on a Cruise

The cruise will soon begin and the ship will sail from the pier. After half an hour guests will arrive, you need to go over the ship and conduct a final readiness check. Take a careful look around the premises and remove unnecessary objects that violate the general harmony. There are a lot of them, so you should hurry up, because you don’t have much time left before the tourists rush in a continuous stream. If you do not have time, hire an assistant – a hint, it is in the upper left corner. Preparation should be perfect, guests are picky and notice any mistake, your attentiveness, quickness and ability to notice little things will help in the game Going on a Cruise.

A Nonplus Prezzie

If you do not want to wait until Christmas and know for sure that the gifts intended for you are already hidden somewhere in the house, arrange a real quest to find gifts. The house has several rooms and a surprise may lie in any of them. Go around, meticulously examine and open all the hiding places using the found objects and clues. On the street you can also see. Act with the mouse.

Halloween Town

In pursuit of golden pumpkins, you find yourself in a terrible town where you can easily meet zombies with burning eyes on the street, and a witch on a broomstick will land on the next roof. Be careful, do not annoy the terrible inhabitants, collect objects, solve puzzles to find a pumpkin and quickly get out of a dangerous place. Act with the mouse.

Saloon Robbery

Sheriff, you urgently need to go to the saloon and not rest, and drink a glass of whiskey, but solve the crime. The institution is boldly robbed and you have to find evidence to catch unscrupulous robbers who dared to attack the saloon in the afternoon. Go to the place of robbery and among many objects find those that will lead to bandits. Act with the mouse

Dragon Hunters

The dragons raided your lands again, leaving behind their ruined and looted houses. You are a dragon hunter and you can deal with flying robbers, but for this you need to find effective weapons, and it is hidden in dragon caves. Go there and among many objects find the right ones. You don’t know what it looks like that can kill a monster, find and collect objects similar to those located at the bottom of the panel.

Ancient Egyptian Temple Escape

Once, you went through a cool game on your computer. In this game, you plunged into a huge fantasy world and watched its history. You decided to read the story of the creation of the game and found out that such a world exists. Legends say that you can get into this world by collecting three gold bars in an ancient Egyptian temple. Quickly go to this temple and find the necessary ingots.