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Quiet Steps

Mike and Doris are wealthy aristocrats, they live in a large mansion, the maintenance of which requires a lot of people. The couple has a large staff: housekeepers, a housekeeper, a butler, a cook, a gardener, and this is only a small part of the workers who serve in the house and monitor the order in the vicinity. A young family was formed recently with the mutual consent and blessing of their famous families. The couple lived in harmony and love, they were respectful to those around them. No one could say a bad word about them and all the more surprising is what happened. The event stirred up the whole house – the hostess’s jewelry disappeared. The young woman was very upset, because now everyone is under suspicion. The husband offered to call the police, but the lady decided to sort it out at home. You can help Quiet Steps find a thief.

Prisoner of the Seas

Pirates attacked your ship, boarded it, raked all the valuable from the holds. The team tried to resist, but what would the crew of an ordinary merchant ship do against armed thugs. You fought to the last, but lost consciousness from the blow. Woke up already in the hold of a pirate frigate and decided to look around. You are in the open sea in the hands of bandits and the situation seems hopeless. However, you should not give up; you have a dungeon at your disposal, clogged with various objects. There was no extra space on the ship and you were locked in the room where the loot was dumped. Look around at the Prisoner of the Seas and collect suitable items to help you free yourself. In the end, the pirates will enter the port, and you will have a chance to free yourself.

Monkey Go Happy Stage 28

Traditionally, a clown is invited to children’s parties and our monkey fairly expected the arrival of a cheerful little man with a red nose in his name day, but he did not appear. This really upset the baby, she burst into tears in three streams. But it can be reassured and even amused if you find out the reason for the lack of a clown in the game Monkey Go Happy Stage 28. It turns out that the poor man flew for a holiday and clung to the castle tower. To get into the castle and climb the roof, you need to distract the formidable guard in steel armor. He is impenetrable and does not respond to requests. Think of how to remove him from the road and you can help the clown out by solving many puzzles and collecting the necessary items.

Deep Undercover

In Deep Undercover, you are an undercover secret agent. Your introduction to the gang took place a long time ago and you considered it reliable, but on the eve of a message from the authorities that you were revealed. A mole was discovered at the agency, it was calculated, but the traitor managed to surrender you. It is necessary to get out before angry bandits arrive. You should not leave empty-handed, you have a lot of accumulated material with which you can plant villains behind bars for a long time. Put the timer on the countdown, and start the fees. You can’t waste time in vain, look for and collect the objects you need, you have compiled a list in advance, in case of urgent need. You should always have a fallback escape route.

Escape The Hurricane

Hurricanes in our area are extremely rare, but if this happens, the elements do a lot of harm. According to all mass media, they announced that a severe hurricane was approaching, it was recommended that all residents leave their homes and go to a safe place. You have many things you would like to take with you. I did not want to be blown away or destroyed. There is not much time left before the evacuation, you need to hurry up and quickly find what you are going to take out. The list is compiled, go around all the rooms and find the required objects. Keep track of the timer, if it is empty, you will not be able to continue the search. There are three tips to help, they resume at the next level in the game Escape The Hurricane.

The Forgotten Farm

There are still many picturesque places on Earth, despite the vigorous activity of man to destroy them. The heroes of the story The Forgotten Farm – Irina and David love to travel and find beautiful corners. Recently, a couple came across an abandoned farm surrounded by forests and a village nearby. Friends liked the farm so much that they decided to settle on it, but asking permission from local residents. Fortunately, everyone agreed and the hero began to analyze the rubble, and the villagers came to pick up what was useful to them. You need to quickly find the required items and give to people. To get the most hearts, try not to linger on the search.