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Back in Wonderland

Girl Alice, who periodically traveled through the Looking Glass, grew up and lost the ability to see miracles, like all adults. But the country of Miracles did not disappear and continues to exist, and recently various bad events began to take place in it and the white queen needed help. Usually the ruler turned to the magician Stanell with all the problems, but he suddenly disappeared. You have to find a large mirror and go through it like through a portal. The wonderful country in Back in Wonderland will welcome you hospitably, but you will not have time to enjoy a tea party with the Hatter, search for the magician. Dark forces build up power, they must be stopped.

You Promised

It is not easy to gain confidence, it happens gradually and requires mental and physical expenses. At the same time, you can lose it instantly, it is enough not to fulfill the promise without good reason. Modern parents are too busy with essential worries, careers, making money, and children often fade into the background. Giving promises to spend time together, dads or mothers forget about them and lose the trust of their own children. We will not allow this in You Promised. Our hero is a responsible person, he promised his son to go hiking on the weekend and do it. And you will do your bit and help the child and dad quickly collect the necessary things so as not to feel a lack outside the house.

Servant of God

Even powerful and omnipotent gods need helpers. Viteus has one – the beautiful and strong Eliza and her help will be needed right now in Servant of God. While the god was absent in his magnificent palace on the top of the mountain, thieves climbed in and stole slippers with wings. Magic shoes are not really needed for anyone who knows how to fly, but the fact of the robbery is offensive. Viteus became furious and ordered Elsa to find the stolen and punish the thieves. For a girl, this is the first responsible mission and she does not want to fail her. Bandits can use the artifact for selfish purposes, so you should hurry up. Take on the collection of evidence and solve the crime of the century.

Professor’s Notes

The elderly professor arrived, as usual, at work, went into his office and prepared to prepare for a lecture. But when I opened the briefcase to get my treasured notebook with notes, I discovered that it was gone. Immediately the thought occurred to him that he had forgotten the notebook at home. The hero asks you to go to his apartment, find and bring notes. You got the key and went to the professor’s house. You will have to look for a small notebook throughout the house, and this is at least five rooms, and time is short. To control the time, you set a timer, it is located in the lower left corner. Do not lose sight of it if you see that the tank is rapidly becoming empty, use the hint in Professor’s Notes.

Back to the Beginning

Judy left her hometown right after graduation. Several years passed, the girl became a teacher and managed to work in college. But recently, she found out that at the school where she studied, a vacancy appeared and the heroine decided to return. She was accepted with pleasure and today the young teacher will have the first day of work in the old school, where she herself was a student. The girl is worried, she wants to do everything in the best way, to establish herself as a professional. She arrived early and is going to prepare for a lesson from high school students. Help the beauty in the game Back to the Beginning get comfortable in a new place, find the necessary training supplies and lay out visual aids.

Sewer Escape: Episode 1

The protagonist of the game Sewer Escape: Episode 1 was locked in the sewer. How he got here he does not remember, but now he needs to find a way to the surface. To do this, he has to explore all the corridors and rooms into which he can get. You need to carefully examine them all. Indeed, in different places can be scattered various objects that can help you get out. These items will help you open locked chests and doors and explore hidden rooms. Remember that for all your actions a certain period of time is allocated.