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Monkey Go Happy Stage 145

An e-mail from a happy monkey received a message from the Snow Fairy. She asks for help in finding her magical snowflakes, without which the beauty can not fly up. Monkey invites you to join the game Monkey Go Happy Stage 145. You will go to the world of Christmas, where all the New Year characters you know live. Fairy is not the only one who needs help. In the house you will meet Santa Claus, who cannot get a box with a special gift from the safe; he has prepared it for a long time. Gather small monkeys, they are always tied up for the main character, and then they have to be searched for.

Christmas at Central Park

Undoubtedly, Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. It is waiting impatiently for adults and children, get ready, come up with gifts and decorate the Christmas tree. Sharon loves the New Year holidays, she even has her own annual ritual. The girl visits the City Park on holidays, where many interesting attractions open, decorated with tinsel and Christmas decorations. New Year is different from other holidays with its splendor, bright toys and luminous multi-colored garlands. The heroine always finds jewelry in the park that amaze and delight her. In the game Christmas at Central Park, you can explore the park and find a lot of interesting things.

Monkey Go Happy Stage 144

Having gotten out of your next mess with your help, the monkey finally got to the Christmas village where Santa Claus lives and immediately met one of them on the street. Confused grandpa lost all the New Year’s sweets and asks you to find them. He needs a fixed amount – twenty pieces. Look for them everywhere, even in snowdrifts do not forget to rummage. Look into the stone houses, atm you will meet Klaus, who also lost something. Collect not only candies, but also all objects that are not lying correctly, they will be needed to solve lock puzzles in Monkey Go Happy Stage 144.

Monkey Go Happy Stage 143

Everyone is actively preparing for Christmas, only the little monkey again got into trouble. She went to the forest for a Christmas tree, but along the way she met an old granny who wanted to pick up brushwood. The monkey wanted to help her grandmother, but then a strange house with locked doors attracted her attention. Monkey urgently needs your help in the game Monkey Go Happy Stage 143. She again had a bunch of problems and questions, as well as those who need help. Inspect the area with your sharp gaze, from which nothing will be hidden and identify priority tasks, and then solve them in the way you usually do.

Spooky Motel

Harold and Amanda are guides; they conduct daily bus excursions to scenic spots. Today’s trip to the Spooky Motel will be remembered for a long time. The bus, as usual, was filled with tourists and set off on the usual route. Everything went according to plan, but on the way back there was a breakdown and very serious. Passengers will have to spend the night in the nearest motel, which is notorious. Rumor has it that a vicious ghost has settled in the hotel, which terrorizes all guests. Ghosts usually attract specific objects. If you find them and destroy them, the spirit will disappear. Get down to business, you will be helped by all the tourists and their accompanying.

Caribbean Crime

Nicole and Edgar – a sister and brother unexpectedly inherited real estate on the Caribbean islands. This made young people very happy and they decided to open a hotel for tourists and vacationers. But it was not so simple. The inherited land – a tidbit and the local mafia group have long laid eyes on it. They forged documents and went to court to take everything for themselves. To prove ownership, heroes need to find items and items belonging to their ancestors in the Caribbean Crime. To do this, you have to secretly enter the hotel and examine it, without attracting attention. Bandits are watching and will not allow strangers.