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Bus Parking Simulator 3d

Every city transport driver must have certain skills in driving cars. Today in the game Bus Parking Simulator 3d you can try your hand at driving a city bus. Choosing a model you will find yourself on a specially constructed training ground. Having pressed a gas pedal you will go forward. A special green arrow will be located above the bus, which will show you the way. Focusing on it and avoiding collisions, you will have to get to a certain place. Here, deftly driving a bus, you will have to stop it in a strictly designated place.

Future Truck Parking

Trucks, like other cars, need a parking space, it’s just a little larger. Our truck dumped the body and is ready to retire, but so far does not know where. You have allocated several parking lots for him and they are highlighted with a pink-purple glow. The task is to deliver the car there in the allotted time. The level will be completed if you manage to do it without stopping anywhere and without colliding with other vehicles, borders, walls and road signs in the game Future Truck Parking. Damage to the truck is not permitted.

Truck Simulator Parking 3d

Young guy Jack works as a truck driver in a large company that is engaged in the transport of goods. Today, your hero will need to go to the warehouse to load cargo onto his car. You in the game Truck Simulator Parking 3d will have to help him with this. The platform will be visible in front of you on the screen. A road located in the air leads to it. You will have to deftly drive a truck to drive along the road. All obstacles located on your way, you will need to deftly go around. Having arrived at the platform, you will have to stop the truck in a certain place and then the goods will be loaded into it.

Helicopter Parking & Racing Simulator

Driving any vehicle requires not only theoretical knowledge, but also practice. But it is one thing to travel on the earth, and another to fly over it. Everything here is much more complicated and very different. You have to master the control of a helicopter. Initially, we will assume that you possess these skills at least initially. Choose the option that suits you: parking simulator or checkpoint race. In the first option, you should go to the point marked on the map in green, and from there to the red point. The distance must be flown within the allotted time. Complete twenty levels and show the class. In racing mode you have to fly through the red rings, an arrow of the same color will indicate the direction in Helicopter Parking & Racing Simulator.

Hitcity Car Parking

In many large cities, due to lack of space, multi-storey parking lots have recently been built. You in the game Hitcity Car Parking will work in one of them. Customers will come to the parking lot and give you the keys to their car. Having sat behind the wheel of a car and turning on the engine, you will have to drive a car to a specific place. The path to it will be indicated using a special arrow. Try to do this as quickly as possible, but also avoid collisions with various kinds of objects. If you damage the car, then lose the round.

Car Parkour

You thought parkour is peculiar only to those desperate guys and girls who rush along the roofs of houses, scayat along the walls and jump over high fences in one fell swoop. It turns out that motorists can also do parkour. Naturally, he is a little different on foot, because the car cannot bounce, although if you accelerate well, you can fly some distance. Your task in the game Car Parkour is to pass all the control points marked with red posts. They can be located anywhere and it is important for you to drive up and stop at a given place to fix the result.