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Aquapark io

Together with hundreds of other players, you will go to the famous island of Aquapark io to visit the largest water park in the world and ride a water slide. Your character will have to run up to jump on the road. It will pass through special gutters. Your hero will begin to slide on them gradually gaining speed. You will have to deftly control the hero to overtake the characters of other players or push their roads. If you come across items, try to pick them up to get some bonuses.

Slippery Water Slides Aquapark.io

Many children and adults go to the water park in order to have fun, have fun there, swim in the water and ride a water slide. Today, in Slippery Water Slides Aquapark.io, you, along with hundreds of players, find yourself in this amusement park. Choosing a character you will find yourself on top of the hill. Having sat a special device, you will rush down the gutter to the pool of water, gradually gaining speed. You will need to overtake the characters of other players in the course of movement or push them off the road. Also try to collect various bonus items located everywhere.

Trolls: Käferflug

In a country where fabulous creatures such as trolls live today they will conduct bug races. You in Trolls: Käferflug will need to help your character win them. You will see the trolls sitting on the bugs in front of you. Before them will be located a road that goes somewhere into the distance. It will pass through a terrain with complex terrain and have a lot of turns. At a signal, you will have to pick up speed on your bug forward. You will need to fit into the turns and try to overtake all your rivals. Remember that if a collision occurs then your bug will lose speed, and you will lag behind the participants of the race.

Dino Express

Scientists have always wondered which creatures that lived in the Stone Age had a higher speed. Today in Dino Express, you can find out. At the beginning of the game you can choose one of the dinosaurs. Then he will be on the starting line along with some other animal. At a signal, they will start running in. You must quickly click on the special icon to make your hero run and increase speed. Also on the way, collect various foods that will give him acceleration or give other bonuses.

Cute car racing

Small but cute cars drive onto the road to collect as much money as possible. They will compete among themselves to collect as much currency as possible. If you want to participate in these fun races, then choose your car and go to the highway. When driving, be very careful, because there are a lot of objects on the highway that you may encounter. To prevent this, take advantage of agility and maneuver the machine while collecting bonuses. Avoid other vehicles and try not to violate the rules of the road in the game Cute car racing.

Nick jr. Party racers

You already know how active and athletic Nickelodeon is. They try not to miss a single cartoon contest, and in the intervals between them arrange friendly competitions. Today at Nick jr. Party racers heroes decided to have a racing party – this is a kind of entertainment for those who love speed. You can participate in any type of transport and even on a dragon. Each rider must pass the track, collecting the maximum number of objects and pass the baton to another participant. You have to ride a fire engine, ride a scooter with a breeze, fly a dragon and these are not all surprises.