Tag: Animal care

Tuna Tower Defense

After a recent explosion at the World Atomic Station, which energizes almost the entire world, strange things began to happen. Animals began to mutate. The worst has begun, what can happen, some animals realized that a person should not rule the world. Huge tuna attacked people and now only you can destroy them by building reliable defense towers.

Zoba Tower Defense

Evil zealots calling themselves the Zob clan have captured half the world. They found a secret technology that allowed them to turn into malicious red monsters. Now your country is threatened with capture, but you do not intend to sit and wait until they destroy everything that you love. Organize a reliable defense to destroy all the goiter that cross the border. Be very careful.

Beautiful Castle Death Machine

A beautiful castle by the sea attracted the attention of evil neighbors. They wanted to appropriate not only the territory, but also the building itself. In the game Beautiful Castle Death Machine you have to protect him from encroachments and for this you will use the playing field on the left. On it is a warrior with a block above his head, and from above multi-colored cubes will begin to move, trying to crush the poor fellow. When you press the down arrow, the block in the hands of the defender can change color and thus he will destroy cubes similar to him, throwing them with the C key. Hurry up so as not to be under the cubic yoke.

Palette Paladin

The aristocratic castle was attacked. Nobody expected this, the building is in the distance, its owner lived quietly, did not touch anyone, did not conflict with anyone. He long ago departed from military affairs and was engaged in creative work-drawing. There are no weapons in the castle, but it is full of colors of different colors. The only warrior who remained with the owner is palladium. He will reflect the attacks of unknown creatures in the Palette Paladin. Look at the approaching creature and throw paint at it that matches it. It makes him run or die.

Piggy 48

The pig kingdom is in danger. The troops of the wolf army have already concentrated on the border, they are looking forward to a hearty feast of bacon and tenderloin. Pigs are peaceful animals, although a little messy, but should they be exterminated for this? Help Commander-in-Chief General Swin quickly assemble a large and effective army for defense, and if necessary for an attack. To do this, at a small training ground, you must quickly and skillfully train the soldiers, for this move the piglets, connecting two identical fighters. As a result, you will get one, but stronger, more experienced and better equipped in the Piggy 48.

Lästige Orkse!

The royal treasury was boldly robbed and not gold and jewels were lost, but very valuable artifacts. Everyone knows whose business this is, so the king sends an army to pick up the stolen from the evil orcs. You have to choose a candidate from eight heroes, who will go directly to the lair to the enemy. Once in the enemy’s settlement, you have to fight dragons and orcs. Locate and collect pieces of artifacts to then deliver them to Tempel and collect. In total, four items were stolen, when you find them, you can leave the city. Enemies will try to stop you in every possible way by blocking the exits. Do not let this happen, you will need smart strategy and tactics in Lästige Orkse!