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Kids Math

The holidays are over, it’s time to think about studying and our game Kids Math will gently in a playful way configure the kids for the upcoming trip to school for new knowledge. Clean your brains and remember what you were taught before your summer vacation. An arithmetic example will appear at the top of the screen, you need to solve it. The answer options are at the bottom of the multi-colored square tiles. Select the correct number and click on it. For the right decision, get one point, the time for reflection is limited by a scale that gradually decreases. Try to score maximum points and set a personal record. If you make a mistake, you have to start the math race again.

Discover Superstellar Moments in space history

Today at Discover Superstellar Moments in space history, Miles is about to give you a tour of Earth’s history of space. The hero rightly believes that those of you who are seriously keen on space must know his story. It begins in 1954 when the first satellite was launched. He spent three months in orbit and managed to collect a lot of interesting material. Then in 1968 a rocket flew to the moon and the next stage of conquering outer space began. With the help of curious Miles, you will follow the development of space research until 2014. You will learn a lot of interesting things by clicking on the dates with dates. A window opens with a photograph and the most significant events that took place this year.

Cupid Warm

You cannot command the heart, as popular wisdom says. And even if a guy swears another love, if you really want to, you can ask for the help of supernatural powers. For example, the matchmaker of Cupid. Who is even better versed in love troubles, if not the one who creates them himself. Just do him mercy – dress the little one so that he doesn’t scare people in the park while he does his job.

Fitz Color

As adults, we are not surprised that looking at a particular color we immediately give it a definition. But this does not really come with the birth of a person, this should be studied and children either explain it to parents, or educators or teachers. Our game can also teach you a lot. In particular, you will quickly distinguish between colors and their names in English. A word will appear at the top of the field, it means the color that you must specify by choosing from the color bars presented in Fitz Color.

Space Typing

You are still typing with two fingers, then you urgently need to go into space and not at all in order to fly away from shame, but in order to learn how to quickly and skillfully print. The task in the educational game Space Typing is mainly in the battle against asteroids. They threaten our planet. It’s enough even one of the smallest pebbles that flew from space to smash the Earth to dust. Pebbles flying down have letters on their faces. If you quickly find them on the keyboard and press, the asteroid will disappear and the threat with it. Do not miss a single one.

Hamster Grid Time

The smart hamster has woken up and is ready to become an object for you again to gain new knowledge and test what you already know. A cute rodent is ready to go over the platforms and stretch its legs. To do this, he needs smart players like you. The main requirement for you is the ability to determine the time by the usual analog clock with a minute and a clockwise. On platforms, the time will be indicated in numbers, and you must select the correct clock in the upper right corner in Hamster Grid Time and click on them. If the answer is correct, the hamster will continue on his way.