Sprint Club Nitro

Only the boys know the difference in these races and those where you should not take part. Therefore, every lover of speed will choose the game Sprint Club Nitro. This is not just a competition, it is a crazy ride on the highway outside the city. Trees will sweep past you, and you will see only their outlines. Indeed, at such a speed it is unrealistic to look out the window. Drive your crazy machine, which has a myriad of horsepower under the hood. Each race is characterized by its own rules. This one also has certain features that distinguish it from off-road racing, or racing on ordinary cars. In the game Sprint Club: Nitro, you will have a low-bottom racing car under control. But the track is flat and you should not be afraid of obstacles if you do not go down the lane. On the grass, this car will go at a low speed, and then you will have to accelerate again. But you are not up to it, because heaps of rivals are ahead and they are waiting for you to lose control of your mechanical horse. Take the first and most honorable place, because for a true racer there are no other places: either the first or nothing. To simplify the race, you will be shown both the track and your location on it, as well as before your eyes there will always be a speedometer. He will push you to more active actions from the gas pedals. If the letter N appears in front of you on the track, then do not miss it. Having flown on nitro, you will become a super fast hero, super active and in a couple of seconds you will bypass more than one of your rivals on a country road. Only on such a smooth track can your red sports car go. Your car will seem like lightning to you, so quickly it can accelerate in a matter of seconds. And with the right controls, you won’t lose this speed until the finish line. Having overcome this simple route, you will get to other levels and find yourself in a hot desert. You will have the opportunity after the race to spend the earned points on improving your car. After all, there is more than one race ahead.

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